Working Your Way Through Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are a normal part of our life. The fear of getting late to work, encountering an accident, facing a financial crisis, or worst of all, losing a loved one. Such thoughts cross our minds from time to time. Problem arises when these negative thoughts become dominant and affects your daily living activities and that is when you need help.

Becoming Solution-Focused

This is an issue I have observed in most of the people I have met. People are obsessed with focusing on their problems so much that day in and day out they whine and cry and stay stuck in that cycle. What happens next is that time flies and a solution is never found.

Why Setting Boundaries In Every Relationship Is Important?

Creating a bond, establishing relationships and making connections are all an essential part of a human’s life. It is an innate need that we want to belong because it gives meaning to our existence. But as much as it’s important to develop relationships it is also needed that we set certain boundaries to keep our relationships healthy.

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