Dealing With Stress and Anxiety

Have you ever suffered from constant mood swings? That one moment you are sad about every single thing happening in your life and the other you are too happy to be depressed by any bad news. Well, this usually happens when I’m anxious about something and at that moment I’m just not able to rest my mind on one particular activity or thought. This could turn out to be a very stressful situation and the whole day turns out to be a waste.

In addition to that, there are days when my temper is at its height and I’m telling off just anyone coming my way. I’m sure that you too at some point of your life must have faced such a situation. At times its quite depressing being rude and hurting people around. Specially, being a soft-hearted person, I always regret being so unpleasant. But at times it just doesn’t seems to be under my control.

So what should one do in order to save oneself from an unwanted, stressful situation like this? Well, before we get to that point, lets discuss what is behind these bad feelings. Anxiety, tension, grief, they all have one thing in common, negative energy. Yes, we are surrounded by energy which also exists within us in the form of either positive or negative energy. You must have heard of this, ‘Energy can never be created nor destroyed but could be changed from one form to another.’ Hence there is no way you can destroy this negative energy but utilize somewhere else and get rid of it.

Creative Work
Indulging yourself in some sort of creative work like painting, drawing, craftwork, writing or any other form of art work, helps to get rid of negative energy. Its my own personal experience. It’s a good way of letting out your anger, grief or anxiety. It doesn’t really matter how creative you are. Just take a paper, a pen or a paint brush and go on making what you like. Be it circles, zigzag lines or just random stuffs. Create anything you like. Your main purpose should just be to divert your mind from all sorts of negative thoughts.

Physical Activity

Another method of relieving stress is to do some sort of physical activity like walking, jogging, exercising or playing sports. Females could also go shopping. The idea behind this method is that physical activity obviously requires a lot of energy and so once you are out of this negative energy all you will do is think positive.

I would also like to mention here some other forms of physical activities, for instance, housework which could include cooking, cutting vegetable and fruits, cleaning etc. This may sound a bit awkward as to how come household work helps in relieving stress, but believe me it does.


Interact with people specially the ones who are close to you and share your worries and fears with them. Friends or loved ones are not only to double our happy moments but also to divide sorrows. Hanging out during weekends, going to some open air places like parks, resorts, beaches rather than to malls or gaming arcades is beneficial. But this could only be useful for extroverts.

If you are an introvert and don’t enjoy sharing your thoughts with people, then you could keep a diary and write in it whenever you wish to pour out your thoughts. It will really help you a lot.

I hope the methods provided here really helps you to deal with stress and anxiety. Don’t forget to leave your comments below once you have tried any of these and let me know how far they helped you.


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