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The Other Side

Frustrated, she entered her room and banged the door loudly. Hitting a fist at the wall she shouted at the top of her lungs,

“Why me? Why? What have I done wrong to be treated this way?” Her cheeks had turned red and her whole body was burning with anger. She looked around her room with wild and big eyes, scanning around to throw across something harmless.

Suddenly her phone started to ring loudly. She reached for it in her jeans pocket and looking at the screen, she was bewildered to see the name before her eyes. Raising her hand up, she threw the cell phone hardly into the front wall. It flew and hit straight into the wall breaking into pieces. The ringing stopped.

She moved towards the mirror and looking at herself with sympathy, she broke down crying.

“Why is everyone so harsh with me? Do they think me to be abnormal? Why can’t I fit easily among them?” tears streamed down her cheeks,” Why does the society punish me for being an introvert? Is it such a big crime?”

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