From the heart

Ramadan Kareem

MashAllah another blissful Ramadan is here. Ramadan is a month which is filled with the most amount of feasts. But do remember that your goal of Ramadan is not just to fast and do sehar and iftar but rather pray as much as you can.

Try to avoid iftar hangouts which might in turn make you miss your prayers. Also, do not waste a lot of time shopping for Eid. It is obviously a very special day in a Muslim’s life but then everything has to have limits.

Indulge yourself in reading Qur’an rather than scrolling down facebook and twitter. Involve your lips in zikr Allah and not in chit chatting with your friends. If you are meeting up with your friends try to make one with religious talks instead of gossips.

Wish you all a very happy and healthy Ramadan. May Allah accept all our Ibad’ah. Ameen.