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Secret Admirer – Part I

It was another day and still there was no sight of him. It seemed that he was gone and she would never get another chance to see him. She felt so isolated. Despite her friends being along with her all the time, she still longed to have his company.

They were not friends but just two strangers whose eyes met with each other once in a while. Just a few months had passed and she was already used to his presence.

Everyday as she entered her college, she would look around just to know if he was there or not. When in class, she would pray to get a glimpse of him as soon she was out. She didn’t knew what it was. Love, or just another random infatuation. But this time it all felt very different. His absence had made her to fear about his well being. She didn’t care if he felt the same way for her or not. All she wanted was to be just a part of his life so it could become more easy to know about his well being.

He had glanced a few times in her direction but she was not sure if this was because he too liked her or was just simply looking. All in all, she just wanted to be noticed by him. She had always been a quiet girl. Approaching a guy was never really her thing. She feared about the people around her who would point out fingers at her innocent character.

No matter how calm she was seen from outside, inside she was like a raging fire who was ready to make a move for her dreams. But was he her dream or merely an attraction which will wear out with time. She wasn’t sure.

She had dreamt about him infinite times, he sitting beside her, enjoying the afternoon snack at the college and chattering while she admired his charming face. His eyes, which held so much within it. His perfectly shaped lips, which she longed to touch with hers. His bold hands, which she wished to hold forever. His arms, within which she would feel completely protected. His voice, though unheard till now, would create a mesmerizing effect for her ears.

She was sure now that she loved him truly. She had no wish to be his girlfriend. She just prayed to be his wife. She wanted a pure and a strong relationship which only marriage could bring forth. Months passed, but he was not seen at the college. It felt as if he never existed. Her exams were drawing near and soon the college will end. She involved herself in studies and whenever she took a break from them she thought about him and what could be the reason of his long term absence.

It was the end of April. Just a few weeks and her exams will begin. She wanted to attend her last revision class before the college would officially declare the study leave holidays. After spending several hours in the library, she took a break and headed towards the canteen to satisfy her hunger. The canteen was empty with only a small group of boys enjoying their food.

That was when she saw him in a maroon shirt in which she admired him the most. He was looking more handsome than before. She kept looking in his direction for a few seconds before realizing that it might cause the boys to look at her attentively. She quickly turned towards the canteen guy, handed him the money and walked back towards the library while beaming with happiness.

“Finally I got to see him again. I know its love, but I will wait for the right time and will pray that I get to meet him in future.”