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Secret Admirer – Part II

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So much had changed since my college was over. I had completed my college with flying grades which in turn had made my parents proud. After months of searching for the right career I had finally got admission in one of the best university. It was the first day of my university and I was feeling both anxious and excited. Unfortunately none of my friends had taken admission in my university which meant I would have to make new friends all over again. But then I knew that as a talkative person I will be quick to make new friends.

As I entered the class room I looked around to find a vacant seat. The students were busy mingling around trying to know their new class fellows and some of them were lost in conversing with their old school friends catching up after the holidays.

Finding an empty seat at the other side of the class room I walked quickly and as quietly as possible so as to not grab any attention. Despite being a talkative person I felt a bit awkward walking up to some stranger and introducing myself. So I just remained seated on my chair, tapping my feet, looking outside the window, wondering who will be my university mates for the next four years with whom I will be spending most of my time.

While still lost in my thoughts I was startled by a loud throat clearing voice above my head. I turned around to see who it was and that face brought back hundreds of memories. Those afternoon snacks, that rush to run outside the class when it ended, those long hours I had waited staring at the entrance and lastly the mesmerizing face which I had dreamt of every night during the vacations.

He was here, right in front of my very own eyes, so close to me, smiling at me, making me feel on top of the world all over again. But then a second thought clicked, maybe it’s a dream. I hoped not!

Six months had passed and I had a group of five friends which also included him. Yes him! Thankfully it wasn’t a dream but a beautiful reality. He wasn’t only in my friends’ circle now but also had become my best friend. In the first few weeks of the university he and I, being from the same college had spent more time together while the friends’ groups were still forming and breaking. The best time was discussing about our college, what we loved and hated, our favourite spots within the college and what will be missed. I was glad that he confided in me just the way I did in him. I was happy about it all. It was happening just as I had once wished it to be.

I didn’t know for how long our friendship will last but probably I thought of it as a positive sign to what I ultimately wanted.

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