From the heart

That Call

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It’s a point in my life when things seem to be going out of hand. No one seems trustworthy anymore. I lose all hopes. People around me become villains who are waiting to be predators of innocent ones.

I walk out of my home and all I see is walls covered with blood of my brothers and sisters. The innocent are being hunted and it’s as if they will one day seize to exist. And the world will then only have those who cause poison wherever they walk. The world will then be ruled by the cruel and evil animals. They may look like humans but deep down there will be an untamed animal ready to shatter anyone who comes in their path of evil.

Things aren’t going right in my own personal life. I can’t find an aim to my life. This degree, the job, my dreams, are they even worthy enough to be working for? If yes, then why do I feel so empty all of a sudden? Like as if life holds no meaning for me anymore. Everything seems depressing and I don’t want to live anymore.

I’m not able to enjoy anymore. The outings, the family time, friends, doesn’t excites me now. Forget excitement, I am not able to have any feelings. Something is wrong with me but I don’t know what exactly. Oh God! What’s happening!

I close my eyes, the blanket over my head, probably I might suffocate myself and everything, just everything, will simply come to an end. I will no longer exist to be depressed by anyone or anything.

Then I hear a call, the call of the Almighty. Calling us towards Him for the peace of body and mind. I throw away the blanket instantly and rush to clean myself and my thoughts and prostrate in front of my Lord, thanking Him for everything however the way they are.


 As I rose from the prayer mat my whole body started to feel so light. All the negative thoughts, feelings, emotions were dripping off my mind and my body. With each prostrate, as I mentioned my Lord’s name, my forehead pressed hardly against the ground, the mother earth sucked up all the negative energies. Finally, turning my head to both the sides and greeting my angels, every bad thing from me was flushed away and along with that, if not all, at least few of my sins were washed off.

I now felt peaceful and so blessed. Blessed, because my Lord has bestowed me with such a wonderful gift. A gift, which is different from all other forms of gift. A gift, which relieves and rejuvenates me. It is the gift of prayer.

Folding away the mat I have an aim now. An aim to have a prosperous afterlife, an aim to go to paradise, an aim to please my Lord. Now I am sure that this is what was missing from my life, that emptiness, an aim which will only end with my death. It was the aim of having a successful life after death and this aim will only end when I seize to exist, unlike my other aims, education, career or any other worldly desire.

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