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A Mysterious Campsite Murder

As usual we went to the campsite to spend our Saturday night. It had become our routine to meet up every week on Saturday just to chit chat about our lives. Life had turned out to be a busy one after graduation.

Shopping malls, parks, restaurants were fun to hang out at but what we wanted was a quiet and peaceful time together of our own. No disturbance from the crowd or the waiters. Anusha, Fatima and I were friends since high school and entering into our professional lives hardly gave us the time to socialize. Hence we were very devoted to our Saturday nights at the campsite and always made sure that no other family or personal plans clashed with it.

It was a chilled winter night and after setting up our tents we had to collect woods for the bonfire. I stayed behind in the tent while Fatima and Anusha went to search for some wood. Meanwhile I began to prepare a meal for the three of us. There wasn’t much to be prepared, since my mom had already packed lots of cold sandwiches, freshly baked brownies which were still warm and Fatima had brought with her a thermos filled with hot Mocha. Since Anusha wasn’t really one of those who cooked, and her mother was busy with her own job, we made her responsible for bringing in disposable plates and cups.

Fifteen minutes had passed since they had gone to get the woods. I was done with setting up our instant camping dinner and hoping for my friends to return soon as I was clearly able to hear my stomach growl. Wait! That wasn’t my stomach growling this time. Someone just screamed. Now I was able hear someone calling for help. But who could it be and I thought I shouldn’t leave alone to help that stranger.

I heard the voice the second time, this time loud and clear, in fact it wasn’t just one person but two people shouting at the same time. It took me another minute to realize that the voices I had heard were Fatima and Anusha’s. I quickly left everything and ran to help. It took me half an hour to finally find them. What I saw really freaked me out as it had done to my friends. Fatima had fallen down in a huge and deep hole and that was not all. The hole also consisted of a dead body!


Our fun filled camping had turned into a horror nightmare. We were quietly sitting in our tents, the food left untouched. The cold night already made us shiver along with the thought that there is a dead body around. We had somehow managed to get Fatima out of the hole and then ran towards the tent as if it could protect us at all if a murderer invaded. The three of us were frightened, what if the departed soul may come to haunt us in this dark night.

Unlike the usual nights at the camping, this one seemed to be a never ending one. We had our blankets over us, torch lights lit brightly; sitting so close that not even an ant could pass by and were startled by even the slightest sound. For the first time in our life we regretted our decision of spending the night in an isolated campsite.

Our eyes were wide open and we were sitting as motionless as a statue. Our stuffs were all packed now and we were just waiting for the sun to rise so that we can escape this nightmare. Time was being harsh at us by passing so slowly. But finally the sun was out and we were able to hear the birds chirping somewhere on the trees. We were quick enough to pack the tent and head towards where our car was parked. On the way we did came across the same hole where Fatima had fallen and the sight of it freaked us out specially when we saw that there was no sign of the dead body.

Today we still get goose bumps when we recall that mysterious night, whereby we had seen the dead body, all three of us, it was no hallucination and then the next morning the dead body had disappeared. But our get together never came to an end. Since we are now busy with high paid and long hours’ job, we have to meet up on monthly basis. And now we go for something more luxurious, a resort where we can still feel safe with a so many people around us.


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