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I Thought I Was…

I was living a beautiful life. It seemed to be a perfect one. I was completely satisfied with myself. My looks were very pretty and I was blessed with an intelligent mind good enough to do well in my education. I never really thought of any of my physical features as a defect because I knew God had created me just the way I was supposed to be.

My family consisting of my parents and my little brother loved me unconditionally. They never pointed out my flaws which somehow affected my outer beauty. Little had I noticed because I was made to believe that I am perfect in every way.

One day when I was back from college, my mother asked me to be ready by five in the evening since we were invited to a kitty party by my mom’s best friend. I was very excited to attend this party since it was being held in the most expensive ladies club and knew there will be a delicious variety of food to feast on.

I picked out the recently gifted shalwar kameez which my grandma had chosen to specially present me on my birthday which was a week ago. It was a combination of baby pink and purple and had a little embroidery over it since I was never comfortable with wearing heavy beaded dresses.

Soon it was 4:00 pm and I began with dressing up. Along with the dress, I wore a silver necklace and glass bangles and stepped into my new black sandals. I had applied no make-up except for a transparent lip gloss since I preferred remaining sober.

Stepping out of the car I looked at the tall building and followed behind my mother. Inside, I looked around admiring the posh and sophisticated interior. The guests around me were dressed up in fine clothing.

But I really wish I hadn’t been to that party. I really wish I should have stayed home and studied. My excitement was turned into embarrassment when the ladies sitting opposite to me started to look at me and murmured among each other which made me feel awkward. As the dinner was served I walked towards the buffet table. The ladies who were sitting opposite to me also followed me. It was another mistake I did that I didn’t take my mother along. What happened next was something that changed m life forever.

The ladies came to me and said that the dress I was wearing probably wasn’t bought from a designer since the colour I was wearing wasn’t supposed to be worn by dark complexioned people and also that it would have still suited me if I wasn’t fat. These comments completely ruined my day and the days to come.

Now I know that my tanned complexion and my fat figure are an ugly part of me because of which I look funny and stupid. I feel like I am some sort of defected piece among the whole human population and I just hate myself now…

(Just wrote this to portray how a single wrong comment can ruin someone’s confidence. Have you ever had such an experience? Feel feel to share it below. Thank you for for reading)