What Comes After Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is over and so are all the lovey dovey messages for her and not to mention the list of surprises and special treatments. But you got to remember that her duty isn’t just for a few days, months or years. It’s a lifetime duty she had vowed to carry since the day she felt you within herself. It was that day she had decided to first fulfill your needs and then herself with the rest of the stamina left no matter even if there was none left at all.

When you were born she spent uncountable sleepless nights to assure that you’d have a peaceful night. And sometimes you would just refuse to sleep even during the daytime which lead to further sleep deprivation. Her house tasks would be delayed and be piled up one after another but she would make sure that she’d start only after your needs and demands were met. She would be extremely hungry, her stomach roaring with hunger, but she would first feed you, satisfy your thirst and hunger and then sit to have her meal. Many a times the rest of the family wouldn’t even wait for her and in the end she had to eat all alone. And finally when she sat to eat, there, you just remembered you had to pee or worst you had to go poop. Just a little bite of food she had taken which had not even started to satisfy her hunger and she had to shove it away and get back to her responsibility again.


As you grew up so did your needs and demands. She had to wake up early, prepare your breakfast, your snack for school and so on. Remember that day, yes that day when you stepped into your school for the first time, you had tears in your eyes, you held her hand tightly but she had to make you let go with a smile. You thought she was happy and smiling but actually she hated herself for being so cruel for not being able to be beside you when you looked up to her for support. But she only did that so that you walk confidently towards your first step of independence.

I don’t want to make this article a boring one by listing all what she has done for you because you must have heard that a million times and you know it too because you have seen her do it with your very own eyes. My purpose is to just deliver a message, with a year full of pain and sacrifices, or hardships and struggle, dedicating just a day out of it to her would be a shame. Celebrating Mother’s Day and trying to make her feel special just for that day does no justice to all what she has done and will keep doing for you till she dies.


Rather, you must try doing little special stuffs each day. When you come back home, bring her something she loves to eat. Leave a rose and a love message stuck on the fridge or the kitchen table. Text her when you know she is alone at home just like how you keep in touch with your girlfriend or boyfriend. The list is endless, you just need to have a will and ideas will flow in your mind.

Make her feel special not just for a day, but the whole year round.

Thank you for reading my blog. 🙂

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