From the heart

Today when you celebrate Eid…

Today when you celebrate Eid, remember me, I have no one to celebrate my Eid with anymore.

Today when you wear that new dress, remember me, I have nothing to wear except for rags.

Today when you eat that delicious sweet, remember me, all I have is this leftover food given to me by a stranger.

Today when you hug your parents, remember me, I lost mine in a civil war.

Today when you wear that brand new shoes, remember me, I have been wearing this one for the past three years.

Today when you meet your relatives, remember me, they died in the Gaza attack.

Today when you go to pray, remember me, there is a terror in my heart that I might be killed this very minute.

Today when you kiss your child, remember me, I kiss his little shoes every day, covered with brown and dried blood.

Today when you apply henna, remember me, I have no hands to apply them on.

Today when you laugh and smile, remember me, I can’t find mine with all this layers of hardships.

Today when you celebrate Eid, remember me, and pray for my wellbeing too.

(Dedicated to all my Muslim sisters and brothers facing any kind of hardship. My prayers are with you, may Allah bless you all with utter happiness)