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Secret Admirer – Part III

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We were walking over the red carpet, the music playing in the background, heading towards the stage, slowly and steadily, our heads rose high up, looking straight ahead towards the path where we had always longed to be. It was the day we were getting graduated, finally we were going to get the reward of our hard work we had done for the past four years. I was glad that now I will be entering my professional life.

As I walked over the stage I saw my parents sitting in the audience and beaming at me. Luckily they had got the first row so they were able to watch me clearly being awarded with my degree. They clicked pictures of me while I was shaking hands with the director of the university. It was a moment of pride not just for me but as well as for my parents.

After collecting the degree I headed straight to my friends since we were not allowed to meet our parents until the whole ceremony ended and we were done with the photography session. It was a moment of utter happiness for all of us and we got into the ritual of hugging each other. Funny, but we had tears in our eyes and we were not sure if it was because we were happy to be graduated or sad to be having to leave each other now. All of us had different plans and routes. One was getting married, the other was moving to Saudi Arabia with her parents, two of them including me were yet to decide what we were supposed to do and one had already got a job in a renowned organization.

Moments passed and the ceremony was finally over. Finding my parents waiting for me outside the auditorium I hugged them both and then we left for home where a party was already waiting to celebrate my achievement. It consisted not only of my family members but also my relatives and few of my parents’ family friends.

Fortunately the party got over early. I really wanted to have a good night’s sleep after such a tiring day. But one work was still pending before I shut my eyes for a peaceful night. Taking the camera from my mother’s purse, I switched on my laptop and connected it to the camera. Saving the pictures on my laptop I signed in to my email account I attached the pictures to a new email message. While the pictures were getting attached I started to write my message,

“Hi! How are you doing? We haven’t been in touch lately but here is what you had asked for. All of our friends have sent you their regards and we really had lots of fun today. Though it would have been more fun with you around but anyways good luck with whatever you are doing. TC!”


Your best friend.

I read the message one more time to check for any errors and clicked the send button. I prayed to get a quick reply from the recipient. Want to know who the recipient was? Well, yes you guessed it right? It’s him! But wondering how he went to where he is right now? Hmm…that’s a long story and in order to get to it we need to go back to my first semester. Could you recall? We were together in the same class and friends’ group. We had turned into best friends and life had turned into what I had always wished for.

But after that had come the vacations, during which he had applied for his studies in Canada and luckily he got the acceptance letter. True, that first when I had got the news it was extremely devastating for me and it took me several weeks to realize that it was really happening and there was no way I could stop it. I was glad that with the start of my second semester I got busy with studies and assignments and to top it all I had started to give tuitions so I can divert my mind.

Once he had moved to Canada, we had kept in touch through emails. Chatting was not really possible because of different time zones and our busy schedule but we managed to, or rather I managed to keep him updated with the latest happenings between our friends and in the university. His responses were slow and I assumed that its reason was mainly his encounter of such a big a change. But today after clicking on the send button all I wished was to get a good reply from him, one which will include everything about what he is doing currently and something which could say that I was still his best friend….

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