Inspiring To Read

Feel My Existence…

I have been lying here since forever facing the bare white ceiling of the house. I have so much to tell, convey and explain but there is no one around who is interested in hearing me out. There is so much knowledge I can give to you but you seem to have forgotten me. I have been told lots of admirable tales to take forward to but you are so engrossed in your daily rituals that you simply forget to even listen to me even if that is for a few minutes.

I see you approaching all the educators around me but not once did you turn to me. I cannot help to understand the fact that why do you happen to miss me only. Am I so invaluable? So insignificant, that you pass by me every day but still do not notice my existence.

I was told that you have already been informed of my importance and that you were asked to consult me at every stage of your life but it looks like you have found better teachers than me. I know that you perceive me to be very boring but just listen to me once and I promise that you will fall in love with my words. You will find solutions to all your problems within me. You will get a perfect guideline of life through me. I will teach you how to spend this journey of life in the best way. I will tell things which no other guide could ever provide you.

I am original and unique. The most authentic, because I have been prepared by a being who is superficial to you and everyone else. But even that doesn’t make you turn to me. Instead you always face me with your back like I hold no meaning in your life. Please look at me again for once. Listen to me again like how you did a month ago when it was Ramadan. Where has that interest gone? Don’t you see the time is running short and life is such a small journey that you might not even have another day to know what I have been trying to tell you all your life. I am as open as a day, just hold me and you will be able to understand it all.

You never know when your call might come when you will have to present yourself in front of your Creator. You never know when you will be left all alone by your loved ones. You never know when hard times may wrap you in its folds. But if you hold onto me I assure you that you will succeed in both the worlds.

I am the Qur’an who can give knowledge which no other book can give you because I don’t only know about this world but also about the world which will begin after death!