Hijab Day – Bidd’ah?

There has been a lot of controversy about Hijab Day regarding it a bidd’ah or not a bidd’ah. Many people have spoken against it by saying that there is no place of Hijab Day in Islam because it is simply another innovation in Islam which our Prophets and their followers never celebrated. But the question is, is Hijab Day really an innovation? Is it another form of celebration which is am imitation of the Western culture?

Before we get to that, let us first see what Bidd’ah really is. A simple definition of Bidd’ah is any sort of innovation in Islam which the Qur’an or the Sunnah has no mention of. Now let’s look at the concept of Hijab Day in more depth. To those of you who are considering Hijab Day as a day of celebration then you need to change your perception about Hijab Day because it is a day of Daw’ah towards Hijab. It is a day when Muslims all around the world come together to educate the rest of the world about Hijab, the concept behind Hijab and how it liberates a woman in Islam. So is Daw’ah an innovation?

The question then arises is that, ‘But why only one day is fixed to educate people about Hijab?’ Well, let me put it this way, many of the local mosques dedicate a time of the year during which they go for a Islamic tour to educate the ignorant about Islam or arrange Islamic lectures in their own city. Now if you’d ask them why do they fix a certain time, they will ofcourse say that it is for their own ease as well as for the ease of the visitors since we all know that when there is a fixed time people beforehand can plan and set their objectives and events accordingly. The same is the case with Hijab Day. A certain day, that is 1st of February has been set when Muslim youngsters set aside their daily tasks, classes, jobs and volunteer in their local Masjids, malls, educational institutes to educate the non-Muslims about what Hijab really is. In fact Hijab Day is also a day when we invite women of all ages to come and wear Hijab for a day, it doesn’t matter what religion they follow. The impact Hijab Day has had on people around the world is that, many Muslim women who never covered themselves have now started to conceal themselves from Non-Mahram and also many non-Muslim women have accepted Islam because they realized that Hijab doesn’t oppresses any woman but rather liberates a Muslim woman.

We all know the perception of the West regarding Hijabis and how unfairly they are treated for simply covering themselves. Hijab Day has actually made it easier for Hijabis to live more easily in the West since many of the non-Muslims now know the concept behind Hijab and also when many of the non-Muslim females had tried the Hijab for a day, they were able to realize how it feels like when people around you act strangely, stare at you or mock you just because of a simple cloth on your head and this is why they have now started respecting the Hijabis.

So I hope this must have helped to clear your thoughts about why Hijab Day is not an innovation in Islam. In my next blog post I will be sharing some tips on how to make the most of Hijab Day in your area.

JazakAllah for your precious time.

Also, I’d love to hear your opinions on Hijab Day so feel free to share it below 🙂


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