Taking Part In Hijab Day

In my previous blog post – Hijab Day –Bidd’ah? I had promised to give you some tips regarding Hijab Day and how can you make the most of it. So here this short blog post which will guide you to how to be a part of Hijab Day.

Set up a stall

Collect a group of people who are ready to volunteer for Hijab Day and set up a stall at your educational institute, your local area’s shopping mall or any other place which consists of a lot of crowd. Make sure that before you set your stall you better have the permission from the authority so as to not get in any kind of trouble later on. You can collect scarves from your friends and family and keep a mirror so that anyone trying out the Hijab can look at themselves.

Arrange a workshop

Take permission from your school authority if they could allow you to use their auditorium for a day. If they have no problem, then way to go. You can arrange a short lecture or make the audience watch a play regarding Hijab.

Fill your social media networks

If you can’t do any of that mentioned above because of lack of time then the simplest you can do is to keep sharing posts and statuses about Hijab on your social media account for the whole day.

Gift a Hijab to a non-Hijabi

Lastly, you can do is gift a beautiful Hijab to a friend of yours who is yet to conceal herself. Even if you are able to change one person towards good it will be rewarded to you till they keep doing it.

I really hope this helps you for a good start to Hijab Day. If you have any other plans then feel free to share it with me either on my page – Aisha Write’s or write to me at aisha2aboo@gmail.com.


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