From the heart

When Will Satisfaction Be In Our Blood?

I see people crying and whining despite being blessed with a fully functioning body, a luxurious home to live in, a complete family to enjoy life and a job to fulfill every materialistic desire….but they are not happy. I hear people complaining that how devastated their lives are because they don’t have someone to understand them when Allah is always there to listen and answer to their prayers. I notice people being cranky just because few people left a negative comment about them and they fail to see so many others who still love and care about them. It breaks my heart to hear people saying that nothing is going right in their life while they have been gifted with a loving partner. People keep moaning about how everyone betrays them but in between all that they miss the wisdom behind it that it may be just so they can be safe from the fake people.

Sometimes parents disappoint me as well….because all I hear them grumbling is that their kids are up to no good when on the other hand they are the best sports player at school or maybe in the whole town. At times nothing satisfies parents. No excellency in academics. No perfectionism in a certain skill. Not even when people praise us in front of them….I see no pride….and why I simply don’t get….

But there is one promise I am going to make myself do. A promise, that may help change this world for good. If you want to see satisfaction in your blood then you too make yourself promise, that no matter what, where and how I am, I am going to do my best, yes, my best, to be satisfied with myself, my loved ones, my job, my situation, my life and most importantly the blessings that Allah bestows me. This is because you should believe that happiness lies in no other place then the place you are in right now…


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