From the heart

A New Semester

Since very early years of my life I have been used to a lot travelling. An Umrah trip to Saudia Arabia by road every year with my family and travelling to Karachi from UAE and back thrice a year. Plus, my life in UAE always consisted of long drives to different cities; Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Umm Al Quain, Ras Al Khaimah, and picnics to the parks, beaches and corniche, and hanging out with family in the mall during weekends. My trips to Karachi during vacations again involved a lot of activities like shopping, parties, weddings, and family picnics to Hawks Bay and water parks. So all in all, I never got to sit at home for too long.

Now when I have finally moved to Karachi for good (been like five years now), apart from the days I have university and get to socialize and move around, holidays can be very troublesome for me, specially the long ones. After a few days I start feeling sick, rather melancholic. There is this mixed feeling that I wish to write something, have an idea on my mind but simply don’t feel like. Or I have this amazing and intriguing book next to me but I don’t at all want to read because all I want to do is go and hit the roads.

So until I could finally get back to the life I was living back in UAE, I will just make do of my university. And talking about university, a new semester begins tomorrow so I am looking forward to another set of new experiences, pressures and fun and will take it as an opportunity to get rid of these unwanted feelings.

I’m feeling positive Alhumdulilah 🙂


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