Hijab – A Responsibility

Basically in today’s world the meaning of Hijab is limited to a cloth on the head while the rest of the body can cover and act as it likes. And the most unfortunate fact about this situation is that if you try to explain it to someone all you will get to hear is, ‘who are you to judge’ or ‘it’s all about intentions’.  Well, yes, we are no one to judge nor could anyone see your true intentions but Allah, but then as a Muslim aren’t we suppose to help another fellow Muslim towards the right path of Jannah? If one can’t advice on something right then how are we even suppose to succeed in our duty of Daw’ah and mind it, Daw’ah is not just for the non-believers but also for the Muslims so that we keep improving towards our Deen.

Recently, reading a status from a hijabi YouTuber that she doesn’t represents all hijabis so no one should go and pick on her about what is right and what is not right as a hijabi. I understand that the people’s comments were quite rude to her and that was really not the way to advice or correct a fellow human and for whom I would really recommend my article – The Art of Giving Advice, but one thing hijabi YouTubers fail to understand that maybe they as a human being (who tend to make mistakes) may not be representing Islam but that piece of cloth on their head known as the “hijab” by majority these days, does represents her to be a part of Muslim community.



Back in my school days I still remember many of our teachers used to tell us that it is none of their duty what we do outside school until or unless we are still in our school uniform. When we are in our school uniform we are giving a signal to other people around us that we belong to a certain school. So if we are caught doing something mischievous then end of the day it is going to give a bad reputation to school as well as to its students. And this is a rule for every field, office, company. For instance, an army officer or a police officer will face more penalties if they commit something wrong in their uniform, so we can say that this is a norm the whole world follows, and so does our Deen. So when you are wearing a hijab on your head there are a certain number of rules that you should be following. End of the day this hijab is an identity, a uniform for a Muslimah and if we commit any haram act while wearing the hijab, then  we will bring a bad name to other hijabis and disobey Allah. So in short this hijab is a responsibility and one has to carry it out with utmost care.

In fact, this idea of uniform also applies to Muslim men who have got beards. How many times have you found yourself trusting a bearded man more than a man without beard? I am sure the certainty is quite high here and this is purely because the beard is an identity of a pious Muslim man, it is a sign that he is following the Sunnah and hence he has to be a nice guy. It is not about being judgmental but it is a about human perceptions which I can assure you is quite natural.

We human beings naturally form a schema, an outline. It is an easy way for our brain to identify people by grouping them and so when one person belonging to a certain religion or community does wrong, we tend to consider the rest of the people like him or her and even if we don’t judge them extremely, we still tend to avoid taking risks by trusting a person belonging to that same religion or community.

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