From the heart

We Are Sorry…

We are sorry, for all the worry you had faced. For all the pain, you had gained. You see we Muslims are doing our best to explain the ignorant who we are. To show them what our religion truly is. To show them that these terrorists don’t at all represent us, in fact they are not even Muslims. They are just some bunch of retards killing people in the name of our Almighty. We are sorry that no matter how hard we try there are people who simply don’t want to hear us. They have shunned our messages like as if they have lost their ability to understand us. We are sorry, that because of a few bad apples we all have been stereotyped as someone who we don’t really are. We are sorry for all the efforts we are putting in which still seems to be having no effect on many people. Or let me ‘try’ to be positive by saying a few people who unfortunately are very violent. So violent, that a usual dispute led to you three lovely people getting killed.

I do not know who you guys really were apart from the fact that you were three innocent students who were surely going to bring a positive change in our society if you had been alive today. But we are sorry that we lost you for something so silly that could have been resolved with a simple communication. We are sorry for not being able to win people’s respect. We are sorry for the grief of your family and for the grief of the whole Muslim Ummah. But we know that you guys are now in a very beautiful place and maybe Allah wanted you with Him more than with us. These hearts will be healed just like any other wound but your thoughts will remain afresh in our minds. We will remember you three like the rest of the martyrs around the world, pray for you like how we have been praying for the rest of the innocent lives lost, and will optimistically wait to meet you and to see your family reunite together in Jannah.


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