‘The Rainbows’ Project

In your childhood how many of you were stressed out? We are sure you will take a lot of time to answer that because generally speaking you faced none if you lived the average lifestyle. Exceptions can be made for those of you who had to face a serious trauma but apart from that majority had a stress-free childhood.

But the children born in this generation are so full of violence, anger and stubbornness which are nothing but the result of underlying stress. But why do the kids of the recent generation face so much stress? Well, the answer is simple yet complicated. Simply put, these days children are been exposed to so many negative situations and environment.

  • Extra workload from educational institutes
  • Increased competition in every walk of life
  • Less time to play
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Violent games and cartoon shows
  • Terrorism activities around the world
  • Countries where children face instability on a regular basis they are under severe stress

So what’s the plan?

The plan is very simple! The Rainbows will conduct workshops for parents as well as for teachers in order to help them provide the best kind of nurturing for a healthy and stress-free development. Our purpose is to bring out Optimistic Parenting styles and help children adopt an optimistic approach towards life.

The result! We will be able to have an optimistic generation who will better coping strategies.

But what about stress?

Art Therapy is going to be used here as a technique to help children and adults as well (since they are parents or teachers) relief from stress and let the negative energies out in a healthy way.

So basically, The Rainbows will organize workshops for children, pregnant women, parent-children, where we will be carrying out art therapy activities. More information on art therapy will be posted on the blog so be on a lookout.

For updates on workshops and events, like The Rainbows on Facebook and don’t forget to set the page as your favorite.

At the moment The Rainbows is only based in Karachi but soon enough we will be spreading our project to different cities of Pakistan and to other countries as well.

Future Goals

  • Spread the project all over Pakistan
  • Spread the project in countries with instable environment (Syria, Gaza, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Somalia, Mali, there are many more)
  • Introduce play therapy
  • Provide counseling for parents and children
  • Helpline service for psychological advices

If you want us to conduct workshop at your school, college, institute, you may contact us at therainbowsedu@gmail.com


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