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Forgive! Don’t Favour

This is in response to the theme provided to us (bloggers) by the Muslimmah Bloggers for the month of September.

We always consider the one who forgives as the most brave and humble and of course we should because forgiving is never easy. Especially after what someone makes one go through. I will be targeting both the victim and the wrong-doer in this blogpost.

Let’s start with the wrong-doer. If you have done wrong to someone and you are planning to ask for their forgiveness or have already apologised, know that you haven’t done any favour to that person. In fact this is a favour for you by you because if you hadn’t asked for forgiveness then you very well know what it means in the sight of Allah. Also, if that person is not ready to forgive then don’t give them your attitude, instead show them kindness and gratefulness. Your actions must show that you deserve to be forgiven.

Now coming to the one who has been wronged, I know it wasn’t easy. I have been through the same situation several times and I can totally relate to your situation. The emotions and the struggles that you went through cannot be washed off in a single apology. But you have to think of all those times when you committed sins and angered Allah Ta’alah and He still mercifully forgave you. Also, once you forgive you might want to think of it as a favour to the person, but don’t! Instead think of it as a favour to yourself since forgiving your fellow brother will only open doors for forgiveness for you by Allah.

Both the parties must be humble in their response and actions. Try not to play the blame game over and over again. Blame games are only for little kids bickering over toys and it does not suits you as an adult.


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