leibster award

Leibster Award

Ayesha from Raising Young Believers has nominated me for the Leibster Award and I would like to thank her for that. This is the second time that I have been nominated for the Leibster Award and I am very happy about it.

Find out more about the Leibster Award at wordingwell.com.

Here are my answers to Ayesha’a questions:

1)Do you cook? What’s your favourite meal to prepare?

Well, I do baking most of the time and at the moment I don’t have any particular favourite to prepare. Any recipe that turns out perfect becomes my favourite. These days I am enjoying making potato wedges.

2)What do you do in your time off? How do you unwind?

Reading or writing in personal diary. It soothes my mind and helps me focus on the important things in life more easily.

3)Have you ever been camping? If no, would you ever go camping?

I used to go camping back in UAE when I was a part of UAE scouts and guides and those were some great adventures. It taught me so many life skills. I have been on a camping trip after that and so I really look forward to live those times all over again.

4)As a child did you enjoy school?

I loved going to school and exam times were my favourite. You might consider me a crack pot but I loved giving exams, though that is not the case anymore. 😉

5)What’s your greatest fear?

To stand before my Lord on the Judgement Day without acquiring enough good deeds.

6)Sweet or salty food?

Both! I need them simultaneously.

7)Movies or books?

Books are an addiction for me.

8)Summer or winter?

Winter because that means more coffee!

9)Tea or coffee?

If coffee was a person I would have surely married him! 😀

10)Where do you get your blogging inspirations from?

My life and the observation from other’s lives.

11)Share a link to the blogpost you most enjoyed reading.

Tesneem’s Corner


Tesneem’s Corner

The Empathetically Undaunted

Saima’s Space

The Gutless Ninja

You guys have to nominate atleast 3 bloggers with 200 or less followers and answer the questions I have listed below. And then don’t forget to forgot your questions for your nominees.

1) What was your childhood like?

2) What inspired you to start blogging?

3) One word about your current life?

4) A career with higher pay or a career which you enjoy?

5) Who is that one person who doesn’t shares the same interest as you but is still there to listen about your passions?

6) Are social networks important in order to succeed in your career?

7) Any book which changed the whole perspective towards your life?

If you are interested in carrying the Leibster award forward answer these questions on your blog while providing a link back to my blog. Also place the Leibster Award logo in your post. Then go ahead and spread the love by selecting to your nominees.






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