Seeking Help Is A Sign Of Strength!

October is the month we dedicate to create awareness about the mental health problems faced by many people in our society. Also, this blog post is in response to the theme ‘Health’ provided by Muslimah Bloggers.

Mental health is as important as your physical health. If a healthy body allows you to function well in your day to day activities then a healthy mind allows these functions to occur. If you are mentally stressed then you cannot expect your body to perform at its best. Body and mind are two entities which work together to keep every single human being going. If any of it is affected by a problem it reduces the functionality of the other one as well. A simple example can be taken of is when you are sad your body functions also deteriorate or when you have a part of your body hurting, you are not able to concentrate on other activities because that pain keeps bothering your mind. This proves that it is utterly important for both the mind and body to be in their healthy states.

Now I come to the point where we detect that there is something not right with the way our mind is functioning. It is fine to be stressed, feel anxious, and be sad once in a while. But if any of it prolongs than its usual duration or if you face difficulty in coping and dealing with any of it then you must consider taking help.

There are two ways you can approach help. Initially, you can talk to a family member or a friend or anyone you know will understand you. Talk about your situation, get suggestions and advice. See if that makes you feel better and cope with your troubles. If it does and you find yourself back on track then hurrah! But if you remain on this usual dismantled track where your daily routine is getting affected as well as your relationship with the people around you then you must take this matter seriously. You should opt to approach a professional mental health care provider.

One thing you must know that seeking help is never done by someone weak. It is done by someone who is strong, who has the strength to accept that they are in a difficult situation, it takes a big heart to let someone know that you are in need of their help. Only a weak person will deny about their problems. So never refrain from contacting a mental health care provider because that will only show how courageous you are.