From the heart

Sugarcoated Marriage

We are made to believe that receiving a proposal is all about looking at our best and serving the best. That more than the person’s character we have to focus on their bank balance. Wedding ceremony has to be the most extravagant with the most gorgeous attire. Planning takes place for months to have a successful wedding forgetting to begin a successful marriage. Rude mumblings behind big smiles is a common act. More of chattering and little of prayers take place.

We are taught that marriage is a miracle. The spouse comes with a magic powder and blows it upon us taking away our sorrows and problems. Marriage is the only key to happiness is what is being portrayed in the fairy tales as they say ‘and they lived happily ever after…’

But what happens after marriage when the honeymoon period is over is little said. This is what I call ‘sugarcoated marriage!’ Marriage is not just honey but a combination of honey and lemon.

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