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In The Sight of Allah

We often find ourselves in a confusing situation where we encounter with two different paths. It does not really have to be a major part of our life but still choosing one path rather than the other will impact our life in someway. Also, these paths could even be in the form of a behavior, either you smile and move on or stop and give someone a piece of your mind. Confusions also come up in the form of agreeing or disagreeing. Taking my own personal example, my friends usually ask me to help them with certain task, sometimes I can do that in an instant but at other times I cannot because of a long list of my own tasks getting queued up for weeks. But saying no is hard because it will disappoint them and make them think that I am being selfish.

Another of the situation I had recently faced and usually face during examinations is that my classmates asking me to help them if they don’t know the answer. By now my friends are already aware that I do not help anyone cheat nor do I ever attempt to cheat no matter how difficult an exam is. But those who aren’t very close to me and unfortunately become my “neighbor” during examinations have a hard time accepting the fact why I don’t help them. Many a times I have got sarcastic remark as well as a little bit of bashing like it’s their right. With time I have also learnt to smile or just laugh it off because explaining doesn’t helps.

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There have been many other situations in my life during which I have encountered such confusions and one of the thoughts that I usually get at such times is, ‘Will this act make me a better person in the sight of Allah?’ It is a simple question which always has an answer of either a yes or a no. This is because at the end of the day my life, my act, my behavior should all be to please Allah and not to please the people around me. If helping my friends would put me in a wrong situation or make me become careless of my duties and responsibilities than I better not help. So is the case with many other problems in my life. Of course, it is not always easy to answer this question and do it right. But your intention to please Allah will make it easier for you to tackle your problem.

So each time you come across a situation which demands something that does not feels right simply ask, ‘Will this action make me a better person in the sight of Allah?’

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Someday…For Sure

She took a deep breath, not the kind of one someone does when feeling relieved. It held so much frustration, irritation to have to be waiting for so long. She looked at the clock, it was 2 A.M and she was yet to start studying for her examination the next day. She had recently started to avoid staying up late because anytime alone would bring all those thoughts that she had been trying to avoid. She didn’t want to think of them. She didn’t want to think about the person who was driving her insane. She didn’t want to think of the dream that was taking so long to become a reality.

It had been a lot of months since reality hit her like light striking the sky. Prayers don’t happen in a fortnight. They require time and patience. They test your faith before taking place. She had been praying for a year with the hope that in a year things will be what she want them to be like. She thought a year was long enough for her life to take a turn but now she had realized that a year is nothing. It passes like a train passing on its track, swift and unstoppable. What was she supposed to do now? How many more years to go before she gets what she has been eagerly waiting for? The future has always been a mystery, one that can never be solved beforehand.

She took another deep breath and flipped through the pages of her notebook. For some reason she had no fear of performing badly in her exam the next day. If I could just stop thinking! She thought to herself. She had always been so positive about everything but in the recent months she had turned hopeless. She was still praying the same prayers but all her heart felt was emptiness. Knowing that she couldn’t make any more progress for the night she got into her warm blanket and shut her eyes. Maybe some sleep will help her freshen up her mind.

Fajr came too soon and she was woken up by her alarm. She was feeling better but she knew that the feeling won’t last much long. She sat straight on her bed and checked for Facebook notifications. Her cell phone showed Friday as the day. She smiled because she knew that Fridays are considered to be blissful when prayers are truly accepted. It was another opportunity for her prayers to be fulfilled. The thought made her instantly jump out of bed.

While prostrating before her Lord, she prayed again. She prayed the same prayers again but with an addition. She asked to have strength and patience so that she could wait for her prayers to take place. She knew everything will happen at its appropriate time hence she needs to remain patient and strong enough to stay steadfast in her faith. As she sat on her bed to think about her day she remembered her examination.

“Oh no! I am yet to study for my exam,” she looked at her clock, it was five past thirty. “Six more hours, I can manage it!”

A smile came across her face. Hope was finally restored. Some prayers take immediate effect.