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Don’t Lose Yourself In The Race

We are all working hard to earn a handsome salary, to become famous and to be best in whatever we do. But don’t you think we are losing ourselves in this so called made up race to reach the top. Instead of living in the moment we are engrossed in planning our future and worrying about it.

In a class of 52 students every one of them are striving and struggling to be someone, to do something and to make a difference in the world. We are all competing from one another but exactly where we all want to go is not what everyone is sure of.

I am also one of those who usually get caught up in this race. Days pass when I don’t sleep or eat well. I forget to stop worrying about the tasks I am supposed to get done with thus failing to spend a peaceful moment. As opportunities come my way I get more and more involved in planning out my future. But then there comes a point when I take a long pause and think about really where all this is leading to.


I am not saying that we shouldn’t work hard to get to where we want to go but what I would like to add to it is that, along with putting efforts to become successful we should also work on improving our character, our personality and us as a complete person. Personal development is more important than earning more money and fame. People may like you for your skills, fame and money but that never goes a long way but if you are a good human being you are sure to find the company of those people who are good to you and that is the best asset one could ever have.

In addition to all that, I believe you can never be the best in this world. There will always be someone better than you. So work hard, do your best but don’t forget to give time to the people who cherish your company and who are willing to put their tasks aside to spend some quality time with you.



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