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Do Not Be Afraid To Be Corrected

Don’t judge me! Something I hear a lot these days. People have become so fearful about getting judged that even a decent advice makes them lose their cool. People easily get offended if they are being told that what they are doing is not right.

I don’t at all mean that people should pinpoint each others’ mistakes. But rather try to help each other improve so we can build a healthy society. It is true that many a times people belittle other people for small errors they make which of course is not acceptable. Also, no one should allow anyone to treat them with disrespect. But if someone is providing a genuine advice it must be taken wholeheartedly even if people don’t want to follow it. It really matters if someone is putting in efforts and trying to help you improve. They ought to be respected for their loyalty. Anyone who is really trying to help you with a polite gesture then it must be that they really care for you.

Coming to the part where people comment rudely or harshly about a certain action or behavior of yours. As a human nature we are prone to retaliate by giving a harsher comment. But better than that would be to say something that will make them feel guilty for their act. Like for example you can say, ‘I very well appreciate that you want to correct me but I would have appreciated more if you could have done that in a much respectful tone.’

Moreover, if the person trying to correct you is already doing that mistake then you can be like, ‘While you are right with what you said, how about we both work to improve on it since I can see that you too fall short when it comes to it.’

These polite yet redirecting words will not only make the person stop being sarcastic but will also raise your ranks in the sight of Allah because of your patience and what could be more better than that.


As a Muslim it is our responsibility to guide our brothers and sisters but in a way that it doesn’t offends them. Know the art of giving advice. Lastly, do remember that when Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) had to preach something to his Sahabahs he always made sure that he is practicing the same thing. So before you want to pinpoint someone’s mistake see that you are not doing it yourself.


3 thoughts on “Do Not Be Afraid To Be Corrected”

  1. Yeah you’re right. There is a way of correcting someone. Politely. Not hurting anybody’s feelings. But I kinda disagree with not correcting someone when you yourself cant stop doing it. It is I guess more important. Because when you give some advice to someone or correct them, you are in fact also telling it to yourself. Your ears are more closer than the ears of the person you’re giving advice to. So if we keep correcting others than automatically we also start following it. That’s what I think.

    P.S. Very well written.

    1. Yes, I agree that when we try to correct others we also imply it on ourselves. But we also see cases where people go about correcting other while acting like they are free of errors. Also, when we preach what we are already doing it is more effective than when we preach something we are not even close to doing.

      Thank you for taking out time to read.

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