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Let Us Try Some Positive Talk

Situation: After waiting for 3 months my best friend and I finally planned to meet. We decided to meet at my place. I woke up way early than usual, cleaned my room, ironed my dress, got the lunch prepared and got ready. While I waited I received a text from my friend that said: ‘Hey I’m sorry I won’t be able to make it today. Sorry and take care!’

Negative Aisha: “Damn I hate this! I hate her! Does she even care how much preparation I put to this day!!! I am never going to talk to her again and will never agree to any more plans she makes from now onwards. Every friend does that with me! My whole day is wasted now. What am I going to do now!!!”

The Result: I was so angry and frustrated and I went to sleep at an unusual time without eating lunch. I woke up after 4 hours feeling hungry and dehydrated. Did a lot of unnecessary eating and then started feeling lazy. Then I kept scrolling down my Facebook and Instagram newsfeed. Acted rude with my niece and nephews and finally when night came I slept.

Positive Aisha: “Too bad! So much work and this. Hmm..maybe something better is awaiting. I am sure Allah has a better plan for today.”

The Result: I ate my lunch and went along with my usual daily routine. Helped my nephew complete his homework then I read my novel. Finished an assignment and went out to buy groceries with my mom. After dinner I sat with my niece and nephews to do some painting which was another refreshing activity. Just as I was going to sleep with a happy mood I received a call from my friend to apologize that she couldn’t make it because her mom had fallen sick. Poor girl, she never meant to hurt me of course.

By now my readers will be clear about what I really want to talk about. I am not going to say that I am very positive person but I try my best to remain positive. For me the best way to start with being positive is to do positive talk either with other people or with myself.

As described above I have had bad days when all I said was hopelessly negative and it did nothing to resolve the issues. In fact, it further ruined the situation because I got angry and frustrated and was not able to think of anything good. It was like I have wasted a part of my short life doing nothing productive. While on days when I remained positive no matter what was thrown at me, I had a fairly manageable day and was able to get a lot of things done on time.

Hence this is why I suggest my readers to try positive talk for once and I am sure you will feel the huge effect it will have in your life. Life is already hard do not make it harder with your negative words.




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