We Are More Than a Brand

Brands have become a major part of our lives. We are prone to buying specific brands for different reasons and I have no issue in whatever brand you dress up yourself or make it as your style statement. What is bothersome is that people are defining themselves with a brand(s). It’s like we are letting others judge us according to the brand we purchase.

I know people who will say that it is not bad if someone wants to get known by the brands they purchase. But we human beings are more than a brand could define us. We are not just what we wear or carry along with us but we are also made up of passions, desires, stories, experiences and so much more. Do you think these brands are really worthy enough in defining you? Do you think they define you enough? Don’t you want people to know your identity through how you talk and carry yourself?


I miss the days when girls described their dresses with what patterns and colours and lace it is made up of. Now I hear majority of the girls use brands like my J. Shirt, my Ego tights, my Stylo shoes. And I still don’t get why it is iPhone, Galaxy or Blackberry instead of just calling it my smartphone. But then again it is your choice.

But my point is that, don’t use some object, a brand tag, as a way to say who you are.  That is not doing any justice to the person inside of you. We are letting our ego take over and we might even be looking down at other people for using products that cost lesser than our brands. We often make fun of the way people act during Black Friday sales. But do you realize that we are the same people who are promoting it. It is not a fault of just one person but the whole society who have started judging people on the basis of the brand they use.

So next time you use a branded product know that as much as you love it, it is not really going to give a true picture of you to everyone else. Hence you better step down from that stage of ego and let people know who you really are.


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