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Do We Always Need a Spark in Our Lives?

Ever since we start reading fairy tales in our childhood we start believing that our lives too should be magical. Especially girls are made to believe that happiness only exists in magical and special moments. Hence all our lives we wait for a spark to bring us joy.

When we are young, especially during our teen and young adult years, we wait for special occassions and events because that gives us a feeling of rush in the moment. We want our lives to be hot and happening. I still remember how crazily excited I was for my graduation lunch and then the parties that came during the school and college years. But as I have grown to be a woman I no more wait for that spark. I still of course love special moments and occassions but now I don’t anticipate for them. If they happen, I make the most of it if not then I simply love my quiet and serene life.


One more thing that usually happens when we wait for a spark is that we stop living in the moment. We start living in our future with a bunch of expectations. When those expectations are not met, it leaves us feeling sad and depressed. Think of a time when you were worrying about your tomorrow so much that you had stopped living in that moment and what did you felt when that moment was over? I remember doing that a lot of times and I have truly regretted those moments.

I would just like to conclude by saying that more than anything, be grateful for a healthy and a peaceful life. You might not always need a rush of excitement but you will surely need a heart that is at peace and if that’s what you are in, then just thank your Creator.


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