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Ramadan Teaches Simplicity to the Wise

So Alhumdulilah we are at the second week of Ramadan and I’d really like to know how your Ramadan has been until now in the comment section below. Any words of wisdom shared will be appreciated.

Today I’d like to talk about instilling simplicity in our lives. In this blog post I will talk about how Ramadan helps us in understanding the beauty of simplicity.

Ramadan truly teaches us the beauty of adopting simplicity in life and this of course is only learnt by the wise because if we look around not everyone is pursuing for simplicity at the end of Ramadan. This is the second Aashra of Ramadan and by now many of our tables during iftar must be consisting of lesser dishes than compared to the first day of Ramadan. Now even a glass of water and few dates might seem enough to satisfy our hunger and this helps us to realize that even when Ramadan is over we don’t have to fill our stomachs to the extent that it bloats but just enough to provide us energy until the next meal. In fact eating in moderation also helps our body to sleep well and keeps us fresh when we wake up in the morning.



It has been stated in the Hadith: “A believer eats in one intestine (is satisfied with a little food), and a kafir (unbeliever) or a hypocrite eats in seven intestines (eats too much).” (Bukhaari)

Also, when we are fasting during the day, our dry mouth and growling stomach teaches us the state of the poor who suffers from this state all year round. For them someone offering food is like how we feel during iftar, in fact they feel far more grateful. This is because when we are fasting we still know that in the evening we will get to eat but a person who is poor has no idea if they will even get to satisfy their hunger for that day. This should teach us to be humble when it comes to selecting food and not being choosy. Eat whatever is on your plate. When cooking at home, cook the amount that will be enough for the family and no extra has to be thrown away. When ordering at a restaurant, be mindful of your requirement so that not even a little grain gets wasted.

In addition to that, giving charity during Ramadan is another way to become humble in life. When we gift new clothes, accessories or even money to the poor, the look on their face of gratefulness, that excitement that they will finally have something to wear on Eid, should make us ponder that if someone can be grateful for just one pair of clothes (which they might have to wear the whole year round), do we have any right to whine about lack of clothes in a wardrobe?

So if you are wise, this Ramadan will In Sha Allah make you fall in love with simplicity. If not, then maybe you are yet to get into the spirits of Ramadan.

Jazakillah khairun kaseerun



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