The Constant Thoughts When I’m Working on My Book

So anyways getting on with the topic of today’s blog post, I wanted to be slightly personal. I am spending a lot of time working on my book and every day I go through all kinds of thoughts and feelings. So I thought why not share those with my readers and see what they have to say.

How to Live a Positive Life?

I come across very few people who take the opportunity to inspire and motivate other people. The other part I come across are only there to whine, complain and demotivate other people from believing in dreams.

Are Sales and Discounts Really Saving Your Money?

The sound of discounts and sales always make us go crazy. The idea of having to spend less on products seems to be very appealing. Many of us eagerly wait for sales and discount offers so we can start with our shopping spree. But have you ever wondered that you are spending more during sale and discount offers?

7 Ways to Boost Your Imaan

If you have a strong imaan you will refrain yourself from committing sins and even if you do sin you will regret it badly. Then you will also hurry in repenting. With a strong imaan you become more conscious of your

Why I Believe in Afterlife?

The mystery of life after death is the biggest mind boggling question of a mankind’s existence. Also it is assumed that it can be only answered by someone who has had a near death experience or someone who has got the tools to scientifically measure near death experiences in the hospital. But unfortunately I come in

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