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Do People Question You About Your Change?

Recently I have fallen in love with turning points in our lives. This is because they hold so much meaning for us and each one of it has some interesting story behind it. I too have gone through many changes. Through my observations there are a few things I have noticed which I would like to shed some light on. Before I go ahead with the topic let me clear that here I am talking about the positive turning points in our lives and how you can deal with the various questions people ask.

Face It!

The first thing that I have noticed is whenever one goes through some sort of change people around them give surprising looks.  Due to which we distance ourselves from such people and also behave rudely. Of course it is natural to act that way, to build a shield around yourself so that you wouldn’t have to answer the ‘How?’ ‘When?’ and ‘Where?’ again and again. Temporarily this technique may work out but in the long run you will feel isolated.

The best way to deal with this problem is to remain confident about what you are doing. Wear your best smile and don’t be afraid to tell them your journey towards this turning point.

Take Pride in Telling Your Story


Some people will excitedly come towards you while others may give sarcastic comments. Whatever the case is just remain what you are. You know you are doing the right thing. You are satisfied with what you are doing so you don’t have to worry about the negative comments. Instead you should take encouragement from the positive comments. And if someone comes up to you to ask you about why and how it all happened, invite them for a cup of coffee and proudly pour out your whole story. Believe me, they will start respecting and will understand you better.

Influence Others As Well

Consider yourself lucky that you are now finally on the right track. So instead of looking down at others help them become better as well. You never changed in a fortnight. It took months, maybe years to reach this point. The only difference is you arrived earlier than others so now it’s your duty to support others in reaching this position.

Also, you will come across lost souls who will have no idea where their lives are leading. So help them find the right path. Lead them. Imagine yourself like that scientist who have discovered a new theory and now has to help others learn it.

You as an individual have the potential to make this world a better place. So keep improving and inspiring people around you because what goes around comes around as well.


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