7 Ways to Boost Your Imaan

I once read somewhere, ‘Alarm clocks are only a means, what wakes you up for Fajr is your imaan.’ Since then each time I have difficulty waking up for Fajr I know it’s the weakness of my imaan. Whenever I hear Islamic lectures regarding Fajr prayer the first thing they mention is to strengthen our imaan. Waking up for Fajr requires a strong imaan. We must keep trying to boost our imaan because it is considered a constant act of self-improvement.

Also, it is not just Fajr prayer but your whole day is dependable on your imaan. If you have a strong imaan you will refrain yourself from committing sins and even if you do sin you will regret it badly. Then you will also hurry in repenting. With a strong imaan you become more conscious of your aakhirah (Hereafter) and become aware that Allah is watching you at all times.

At times I too suffer from a weak imaan and these are the 7 ways I boost my imaan with and get to back to being someone who cares what Allah likes and dislikes.

Keep praying

Don’t use your weak imaan as an excuse to stop or skip praying. This will only worsen the situation. It’s like you are failing in a exam and you stop writing because you think you are failing. This is not at all a wise act. Instead pray no matter what. Focus on what you are reciting during your prayer. Look into the meaning of why you are praying and for whom.

Listen to an Islamic lecture

Whenever I feel I am not up to being a good Muslimah, I make it a point to listen at least one Islamic lecture a day. Even if that lecture is just for 5 minutes I’d still consider it an important part of boosting my imaan.

Read Quran

May be a page or two and even more, but read Qur’an. You know reading Qur’an should be an essential part of our day because it plays a major role in boosting our imaan.

Get in touch with your pious friends

Consider it an opportunity if you have pious friends. Don’t be afraid to reach them for help because seeking help is a sign of strength. Let them know what you are going through. You never know what beautiful words they might come up with to inspire you in falling in love with your Deen and boosting your imaan.



Attend religious gatherings

Sometimes the reason our imaan weakens is because we start hanging among people who don’t make any efforts to remind us about Allah. A Muslim who really wants to stay close to Allah must choose his friends wisely. If you are around people who are constantly talking about partying, music, fun, dating and the opposite gender then you sure will have difficulty in boosting your imaan.

Turn your religious activities into a strict routine

Just like how you need to organize yourself to gain success in this world, you also need to be strict in following your Islamic rituals if you want to attain success in the Aakhirah. Add all the above mentioned points in a routine for each day. Set particular time slots for each of these religious activities. Make it a point that you will not skip these activities out of laziness or out of work that is for this Dunya. Feel the difference then in how your imaan gets boosted.

Break the cycle at its earliest

Usually our imaan gets weak due to a certain sin we have committed. Then the reason it gets difficult to boost our imaan is because we keep committing that sin and somehow stop caring. We forget that what it means in the sight of Allah to commit a sin. We stop trying to focus on the Aakhirah. What you need to do at this point is to be able to recognize what led your imaan to weaken and that it is high time you get back on track. You ought to break the cycle of those continuous activities that is leading you in losing your imaan.

It is natural to find ourselves with a weak imaan at times because we are human beings and this as well is Jihad. The real Muslim is one who makes amendments in his habits and activities so he can boost his imaan and be successful in the Aakhirah.

Jazakillah khairun kaseerun


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