Are Sales and Discounts Really Saving Your Money?

The sound of discounts and sales always make us go crazy. The idea of having to spend less on products seems to be very appealing. Many of us eagerly wait for sales and discount offers so we can start with our shopping spree. But have you ever wondered that you are spending more during sale and discount offers? We usually end up buying more than needed during sale and discount offers because of the idea that we are spending less than the original price on each product.

Let me share my own experience. I love reading all kinds of books and collecting all sorts of stationary items. Whenever I come across sales and discount offers on shops selling books and stationary I get extremely excited because c’mon they are all at very low prices. I am going to get books and stationary in fewer prices. So that will help me save money right?


But actually I am not saving money but rather spending the money that I should have saved if I hadn’t bought those stuffs from the sale. What really happens that each time we get to hear the news of a sale offer we buy more stuffs that we might not even need at that time. For instance, when I came across a sale offer at my favourite online book store a month ago I was delighted. I immediately started to surf through their website but then at that moment I laid my eyes on my bookshelf and immediately I was able to point out several books that are yet to be read. Also, I knew the money I had at that time was meant to spend on some other important stuffs which meant that if I bought anything from this store it will just make my budget tight.

You see most of the times what we buy from sales and discounts are not even required anytime soon. We are only buying it because of the hype created by the various advertisements and other people’s reaction to it.

So does that mean sales and discount offers are not useful? Well, of course they benefit us but when we really need those products. If you need new clothes then you can sure avail these discount offers because you were anyways going to spend money on clothes. If you need to purchase more books because you are already done with reading your previously bought books then do take advantage of sales at bookstores. But don’t simply spend money because these companies are making you believe that buying their discounted products will save your money.

Saving money is as important as earning them. In fact save money to invest in something more useful. Invest in your dreams and passions than in materials because in the long run it is this passion that will give you the ultimate satisfaction.



3 thoughts on “Are Sales and Discounts Really Saving Your Money?”

  1. Yes, and sometimes we also confuse upto 90% to 90% to all the products, at times the sale is actually offered on out dated old variety merely 🙂

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