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Do Not Let a Muslim Celebrity Be Your Muslim Leader

These days we never stop to follow what our favourite celebrities are doing. We are always on a lookout as to what they are up to. In the recent years, several Muslim personalities have emerged and it is making us go wild at all the unique things they are up to.

We have become so keen in following these Muslim celebrities that we have actually forgotten the difference between a Muslim leader and a Muslim celebrity. I see people being inspired by them and considering even the Haram acts as part of Islam just because these famous personalities have a tag of “Muslim.”

My dear Muslim brothers and sisters, please do not follow them blindly. Any Muslim writing statuses related to Islam cannot be your Muslim leader. Know that in order for someone to be able to rightly guide you they need to have a sound knowledge of Islam. Just think, would you ever ask a teacher about medications you could take for your sickness? Of course not, because you know that medications can only be prescribed by a doctor. So how can you take Islamic advice from Muslim celebrities who are yet to understand the right and wrong in Islam?

I am in no way trying to devalue Muslim celebrities. All I want is that my Muslim brothers and sisters should not go astray because someone claims to be pious at times and then get into all sorts of Haram acts at other times. You need to be careful about where you are getting your Deen from. You shouldn’t accept Islamic advice without finding the source it is coming from. You are not an animal who will follow a herd. Alhumdulilah, Allah has created you a human so use your senses for all the right reasons.

I hope my words really do bring change in your life. If you agree to what I have said do share my article with your friends and family.

Jazakillah Khairun Kaseerun


8 thoughts on “Do Not Let a Muslim Celebrity Be Your Muslim Leader”

  1. Maybe it is the generational gap, but I wasn’t even aware of this phenomenon. When you mentioned Muslim celebrities I assumed you were talking about people who are considered student of knowledge, or those who devote themselves to Da’wah and have popular platforms. But then I did a little search on youtube and realized there are actual “Muslim celebrities” who are famous not because of their knowledge or Da’wah, but rather because of some other things (fashion, pranks etc…). I’m not sure which group you were referring to, but I think we should never blindly follow anyone. People are not infallible, they will make mistakes. So, we always need to remain vigilant. Great post sister.

    1. My blog post was targeted to both sorts of people because eventually the young Muslim speakers are also somewhat taking the position of celebrity these days. And sometimes their fans don’t seem to clarify if what some of the things they are doing are even a part of Islam. Then there is this certain category who writes beautiful Muslim statuses and make videos related to Islam but on the other side also promote vulgarity in some ways.

      We as human beings tend to make mistakes and I pray that Allah guides us to the right path. But the major problem are not these Muslim celebrities but rather their supporters who are simply following them blindly.

      1. Jazak’Allah khair for the clarification sister. The social media phenomenon has exacerbated the “blind follower” syndrome unfortunately. Your post touches on a reality we need to address more often. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

        1. Wa iyyaki. It was Allah’s blessing that I was able to write on a topic like this one. I really hope, by Allah’s Will it brings the change that it is supposed to bring.

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