What Stressful Days Teach Me?

Currently, my days are extremely stressful with two theses, quizzes, assignments and my regular university classes. I have to leave home early morning around 8 and only return back around Maghrib. Along with that, there are so many other tasks to complete when I return home. All this has become quite stressful to handle over a span of three weeks.

But there are certain lessons that I get to learn from my stressful days and let me share them with you as well.

Stressing will not take away the stressful days

Before the start of all of the work, I was quite worried. But since all of it has started, things are going smooth, Alhumdulilah. What I have learnt is that stressing during stressful days will not help. Instead remaining calm and keeping faith in Allah will make everything easier. In fact, my day gets less stressful with the trust that, ‘if Allah has brought me so far there is no doubt that He will help me go further.’

Whatever be the case, enjoy your time

These days of my final semester will never return back. In fact, all of the hard work is only teaching me to become a better psychologist. Also, these stressful days will only help me learn how to handle stress in the years to come. I make the most of my day trying to learn as much as I can with the work I do.

Stressful days give me the opportunity to learn more

The days when I get to relax are amazing. But what really teaches me the most are the stressful days. The days of stress brings in a lot of knowledge because it is during these times that I am doing the most amount of work.

Stress is a sign that you are working hard

I took up my second thesis as a challenge because that is a field I really wanted to explore. Each time I feel like doing two theses at once feels like a lot of work I remind myself of my passion related to studying the psyche of children. I remind myself that this is what I wish to do further in my life so some more effort will only polish my skills.

That feeling after the stressful days are over is so AWESOME

You know that moment when you rush through every work to get it done on time and when it finally gets done that feeling of relief takes over. Ah! That is such an amazing feeling to have nothing more to do.

So all in all, stressful days aren’t as bad as people dread them to be. I’d really like to know some of the ways you deal with stress.

Jazakillah Khairun Kaseerun.