10 Ways To Build Your Self-esteem

Last week I had published a blog post on 10 Signs To Know If You Are Suffering From Low Self-esteem. If those points applied to you then this blog post will help you build your self-esteem. Even if you are not suffering from low self-esteem it is essential that you look after yourself by doing these activities.

  • Start with giving attention to yourself. Instead of making your needs secondary or totally forgetting about your likes and dislikes, make yourself the focus. Remember that no one can take care of you better than yourself. Others treat you the way they see you treating yourself. If you are going to put your needs after other people they too will do the same with you.
  • Take some time out to look after your physical appearance. Take proper long showers, most of the people who treat themselves as unworthy, simply rush with their shower ritual just so they can serve others. Get yourself some nice scented shower gel and shampoo. Select your outfit for each day and match them with accessories. Men can take time in ironing their clothes and polishing their shoes.
  • Find the purpose of your life. We all have a purpose to live, we all have dreams to attain. Was there anything you wanted to accomplish in your life? Think about it. Better discuss it with a loved one. There is still time to achieve your dreams.
  • Do some creative work. Once every week do some creative work that will turn out therapeutic for you. It can be anything related to your interests. Write a funny poem, record some funny voices, do art work or simply come up with a silly game to have fun.
  • Dedicate some time of your day to do what you like. This will make you feel important and discover your worth.
  • Go back to developing a good bond with your loved ones. If your relationship with your spouse, parents or siblings has been damaged, try to develop that bond again. The support we get from our loved ones play a vital role in building our self-esteem and confidence.
  • Demand your right to get recognition. If you like getting praised for what you do, ask people to comment on your work. Ask people what they like about you. There is nothing wrong in seeking compliments for yourself once every while.
  • Ponder upon your surroundings, the place where you live, your work space. What do you like about the place you live in? What is the best part about the area you live in? What do you enjoy the most about your work? If there is anything you dislike, what can you do to make it right?
  • At least once a day eat what you like. It can be as small as your favourite brand of chips or chocolate.
  • Count and cherish your small successes and only the small successes. This is a reminder for you that you don’t always need to achieve something big to appreciate yourself. Every small step towards success, towards the right path, towards your purpose counts as an achievement.


I really hope these tips help you build your self-esteem. You can always reach me at aisha2aboo@gmail.com.



9 thoughts on “10 Ways To Build Your Self-esteem”

  1. Salaam alaikum!

    These were some great points ma shaa Allah! I have only just recently discovered the power of some of these like getting dressed up, taking time for creative work, and really diving into my purpose in life, but since doing them I have seen such a change in my emotional well being!

    And some of these I had never even thought of…time to try some new things in shaa Allah! 🙂 Jazakum Allahu khairan for the inspiration!

  2. Love this! I definitely lack self-esteem, some days more than others. Mostly because i’m not ‘happy’ with how i am, don’t believe in myself enough or as often as i should, and i tend to panic in stressful situations and just over-stress/overthink all the time. Struggling with it more as i’ve gotten older, rather than less, which is sad.
    Great post though!!! I feel like it all goes back to finding a purpose in life for me – because i dont think i have one really. or i haven’t found it yet!

      1. Thank you ❤ And hmm i mean i think i 'achieved' my career goal, i always wanted to work a 9-5/corporate america job/ i wanted to and did, study business in college. It's just that now i'm in this lifestyle, i'ts not the most exciting but i dont have the guts nor 100% desire to leave it. So sometimes it affects my personal life etc. because i'm not 100% happy.

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