Instant Connectivity and Low Self-esteem, how do I break it!

We are living in a time where every person that you meet is somehow connected instantly. We are aware of the minute details of our favourite personalities. We are being kept informed of what our colleagues are upto; the holidays they are going to, the additions to their family and the major events of their lives. You’re not just hearing the news but seeing them in photos and watching their videos so closely that sometimes, in fact most of the times it acts as a reminder of what you don’t have in life.

But I am in no way going to stay ‘stop using social media’, ‘stop chatting with friends’ and simply, ‘stop existing’ in the 21st century. That is not practical and is not realistically achievable. In fact refraining from social media is similar to a strict diet in which you remain determined for a few days and the minute you let your guards down you start binge eating. The same situation occurs during a social media diet.

So what should be done then? Firstly, I would suggest that instead of going on a complete social media restriction limit your social media usage. You can check out tips for limiting social media usage here. Below are some further ways you can limit your social media usage.

Make use of the ‘Unfollow’ option

When you see a post from a friend or a page that reminds you of what you are missing in life unfollow them for some time or select ‘see fewer posts’ from the options.

Though the root cause is still there and we will be working on it as well.

Catch up with your friends

The next thing you should do is communicate with the people on your friends list because most of the time it is only when you speak with people you get to know their lives aren’t exactly what they portray online. That is going to be the first step to realizing that no matter how perfect someone’s life looks over the internet it still has several difficulties that they don’t chose to show.

For the people who don’t respond back or you feel awkward messaging them because they don’t interact with you in person then is there even a point to keep them on your friends list? I have made it a rule that if we are not communicating for over a year, like there is simply no interaction on posts or inbox then I delete them. As long as you won’t be ruining your relationships with your peers or colleagues, hit that delete button!

Mental health

Remember to count your blessings

Ponder upon your own blessings and the blessings that are missing from other peoples’ lives. Know that your life is special, you are special to Allah and you might be missing the point that your life may be more privileged than the lives of some.

It might be that you must be suffering from a very difficult phase right now but would focusing on other people’s successes and happiness make it any better. If you are finding it hard to be grateful then focus on your skills and assets and how can you productively use them. I am sure you are optimistic enough to find your strengths and utilise them for a good cause.

So remember,

  • Limit not restrict,
  • Unfollow posts when they become troublesome,
  • Interact with your friends list,
  • Find your strengths.

Before you leave this page comment below with two of your identified skills and strengths and how will you be utilising them in the days to come.



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