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Republishing in Pakistan: Reflections From Life

Assalam u alaikum readers.

I hope you are all doing well. I haven’t written anything on the blog lately due to my hectic masters program and job. The remaining time is either spent with my family and friends or in marketing on social networks.

In February 2018 I self-published the book Reflections From Life: A Muslim’s Guide To Inspiration. Several people in Pakistan  asked me if I can make it available here and yes I could but the shipment charges and the duty were increasing the cost price of the book so eventually I did some research and came up with the most suitable solution. Alhamdulilah the book is getting republished in Pakistan.

You can order your copy here.

The expected release date is 4th October 2018, Insha Allah.

Please support me because your support can be an encouragement for another aspiring author.

You can find out more about my book here:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jazakillah khair to all my readers since the beginning of my blogging journey, your support made this book a possibility.

Fi aman Allah

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Reflections From Life: A Muslim’s Guide To Inspiration (Available for Purchase)

Assalam u alaikum.

This is just to notify my readers regarding my book, Reflections From Life: A Muslim’s Guide To Inspiration is now available on Amazon for purchase.

Here is the link to order your copy now:

Reflections From Life: A Muslim's Guide To Inspiration

If you want to find out details regarding my book you can read my blogpost, Everything You Wanted To Know About My Book.

Looking forward to hearing your views. I really pray that it benefits and reaches its purpose of publication. Ameen

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Jazakamullah khair

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Tragedy Of Living In A Superficial World

Something I have been pondering on for days and thought it is time to voice it out. Unfortunately we live in a world where the outside matters more than the inside and this is the tragedy of living in a superficial world.

We are more concerned with how someone looks than what kind of a person they are. Self-care in this superficial worlds means that we look after physical needs thus forgetting to resolve our feelings and emotions. Our relationships are more about finding the benefits we could get than providing them with what they owe in a relationship. Marriages are based on looks and financial status rather than a person’s character and goodness. Family gatherings are about looking at our best than greeting each other with a clean heart. Even when it comes to hygiene we care about wearing clean clothes and lots of scents but forget to physically keep ourselves clean.

I call all this the tragedy of living in a superficial world and sometimes I feel tired of being a part of it. Sometimes I am tired of battling to stay true to who I am and becoming what others want to see in me. This is one of the reasons why my friend circle is small because I like to remain among people who are honest and loyal in their everyday dealings. I like staying among people who are my friends because of who I am as a person and not to fulfill their own motives. I admire friendships that comprise of meaningful conversations rather than only enjoying the glitter and glam of this world together. I prefer people who have guts to say whatever they don’t like about me.

Tell me what are your views about this world? Are you and I on the same page? Do you find yourself a loner when it comes to this superficial world?

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Jazakallah khairun kaseerun

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Till Then Have Faith In Allah…

Assalam u alaikum readers.

I wasn’t able to do a blog post on Monday and still haven’t been able to write one despite all the ideas being jotted down. I have been a bit busy with cleaning work and de-cluttering my room. This is just something I wrote to motivate my readers for no matter whatever hardship they are going through. Hope you like it. 🙂

I know it is dark out there,

But it won’t be dark forever,

Till then have faith in Allah.

I know things are not going right,

But they will have to get better someday,

Till then have faith in Allah.

I know you cannot find a ray of hope,

But I am sure it is near,

Till then have faith in Allah.

I know people can be heartless and evil,

But it is not that good people don’t exist,

Till then have faith in Allah.

I know you cannot see any sign of your wishes coming true,

But I am sure that behind doors they are already in action,

Till then have faith in Allah.

I know achieving your goal is difficult,

But your goal is still possible,

Till then have faith in Allah.

I know you are having a hard time finding a solution,

But you are surely going to find one,

Till then have faith in Allah.

I know you have had several heartbreaks,

But you are going to find someone who will mend it all,

Till then have faith in Allah.

Just have faith in Allah,

Because victory will be yours!

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Jazakallah khairun kaseerun.

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The Concept of New Year

Each new year people excitedly celebrate and use it as a way to cover their past grieves and go about thinking that the coming year will bring some magical transformation in their lives. But honestly, new year is just another set of 365 days when we are getting another chance to fulfill the purpose that we were initially sent for in this Dunya.


release date twitter

Originally our Islamic new year begins in Muharram but even then there is nothing to celebrate about it. In fact stepping into the new year means that we are one year closer to our death bed or maybe even on the same year when death is written in our fate.

Having new year resolutions is not wrong but you need to be mindful of your purpose in this Dunya. Have plans that revolve around becoming a better Muslim, doing more Ibad’ah and putting efforts to understand your Deen.

It’s okay if you take your new year as a new beginning but make it a beginning of becoming serious about Aakhirah because you never know when your time will be up.

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2017 In One Word

I am not going to say this year was completely awesome because it wasn’t. I went through a lot of internal conflicts and struggle in some areas of my life. When 2017 began I was excited and hopeful for the surprises that this year awaited. But after a few months I had to deal with my own complexes and it was terribly hard.

As the months passed after being graduated it was difficult to find the job that held my interest. I don’t want to go in the details because I have already written a blog post about – The Struggle of Finding the Right Job. There still aren’t as many opportunities for a psychologist in Pakistan so seeing my friends already settling with well-paid jobs made me quite anxious. Then low self-esteem kicked in which was another thing that I had to deal with. I found a job as a Montessori teacher only to realize that this isn’t for me and that again left me confused and deserted.

I struggled with few friendships by witnessing them as disloyal. I felt being taken advantage of for my sincerity and honesty. I felt like I was the least of their priorities while they meant a lot to me. I also faced difficulty in some of my other relationships and I was demeaned by them in ways I never thought. Then a month passed during which I and my family became a victim of cyber bullying but Alhamdulilah we got help and good response. If you are reading this right now (yes, you the CYBERBULLY!) know that Allah is my protector and whatever defame you were or were not able to bring to me was all by His will and I trust Him for that. J

I also lost my dearest childhood friend who was like an elder sister to me. It is still hard to believe that she is no more. So overall this was a hard year when it came to relationships but Allah had lots of surprises for me as well.

Alhamdulilah I graduated this year with a degree in Psychology and loved every bit of the farewell week at the university and then the convocation ceremony. I got a freelance editor’s job at a publishing company (I once imagined myself working as an editor) and it happened. I initiated the first step towards my dream project. I also recently found a proper job as a rehab practitioner. I finally became an author and my book is to be released on 20th February 2018 Insha Allah.

So if I look at my year 2017, in one word I’d describe it as ambitious. Despite struggling to maintain relationships with people I have had a number of achievements. Alhamdulilah.

So readers, describe your 2017 in one word or in as many as you like. Let me know in the comments below. It can be even as long as my blog post. Or if you are a blogger why not you write your 2017 experience on your blog and tag me there and make it some sort of a blog loop.

I will be eagerly waiting for your response.

Also, do like the Facebook page of my book, Reflections From Life – A Muslim’s Guide To Inspiration to know more about its contents.

Read more about my 2017 experience on my TBN blog; coming up soon!

Jazakillah khairun kaseerun

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The Ultimate Signature

As a writer, each time I write something thought provoking I have a knack of signing underneath it claiming it as my piece. Each time I upload a picture of an inspiring sentence I have written on Facebook or Instagram, I make sure I watermark it with my name. Moving on to anyone else I am sure you too would have loved to mark your possessions with your name or signature.

Another example is that of the artist, designers, architects, who makes sure that their works are recognized by their names. They have a certain style of construct that they use when creating art. It is human nature. We love to be appreciated. We love when people talk ‘look at that extravagant piece made by so and so,’ and we love to get attention from people for our work. We are fascinated by fame and we feel delighted.

release date twitter

But these buildings, malls, parks, paintings and sculptures are all made by human beings hence it is easier to know who is behind these beauties. But look around and observe the nature. Do you find a signature therein? Can you recognize the creator of such picturesque scenarios? Do you ever stop to wonder how are they functioning on their own? Perhaps we can take the example of an automatic machine which starts working on its own with a single touch of a button and stops working when someone switches it off. Despite the fact that it operates on its own it still requires an intervention to know when to begin and when to stop. Even the most high-tech automated machines need some form of stimuli to begin their process and end it. So is the case with nature.

Also, the machine never came into existence on its own, it required to be manufactured and not just by anyone but an expert in the field of machines. So my point is, if that single machine can’t create itself then how can nature and this whole universe come into existence on its own without an expert creator. How can we miss the ultimate signature?

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My Book’s Launch Date!

Assalam u alaikum Readers!

Final cover designI am glad to announce the release date of my book, Reflections From Life: A Muslim’s Guide To Inspiration which will be coming out on 20th February 2018, Insha Allah.

More details regarding the book will be coming up soon. For now you can follow the book’s Facebook page.

If you have any questions regarding the book, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

Jazakillah Khairun Kaseerun

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Our Limited Thoughts…

We act like we know it all. We pretend to be wearing glasses that show us the whole picture. We go about judging people like we have known their every struggle. We taunt people for their failures as if they did that on purpose. We envy happy, successful people but we haven’t seen them cry during their hardships.

What we see is not always what it is like. There is more to every scenario, to every incident, to every story, than we know. We fail to realize that our limited thoughts only makes us capable enough to see the smaller picture. Our limited thoughts doesn’t allow us to seek the behind the story situation. So let us not judge others, let us give others the benefit of doubt.

When it comes to our lives, our limited thoughts depress us. Since we can’t see the bigger picture, we lose all hopes. We forget who controls our life. We forget the mercy of our Creator. We think that this is it, that there is no way out. We stop living while infinite blessing awaits us. We forget that every struggle is a trial that will fetch us a reward in this world and the Hereafter.

So let us be mindful of our limited thoughts. Let us accept that we will never have complete knowledge of everything. Let us believe in the wisdom of our Creator.


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Is Our Patriotism Limited to Materialism?

It is 14th August today. 70 years ago on this day our forefathers fought to have a land where Muslims can freely obey Allah and follow the Sunnah.

But unfortunately today the 14th August is the day when people go crazy on the streets. They dance on music that deafens the ears. They wear everything green and white, and drive their vehicles without silencer, and on high speed that can cause severe accidents. Every year aerial firing kills innocent people. 70 years ago these precious lives were lost to give us a peaceful life on this land. Today these precious lives are lost on the expanse of someone wanting to feel the rush of adrenaline. So hasn’t our patriotism become materialistic?

I feel 14th August should be a day of reflecting and pondering about this blessed land. I feel 14th August should be the day when you thank Allah tremendously. When you evaluate yourself as a Pakistani, as a Muslim, and as a human being. When you ask yourself this question, ‘What have I done for my country so far?’

I am not against beautifying our homes and our streets with flags on Independence Day. I am not against going all green in our attire on 14th August. But what I wish is we celebrate the day for what it is and not for what we want to do with it.

Jazakillah khairun kaseerun