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The Concept of New Year

Each new year people excitedly celebrate and use it as a way to cover their past grieves and go about thinking that the coming year will bring some magical transformation in their lives. But honestly, new year is just another set of 365 days when we are getting another chance to fulfill the purpose that we were initially sent for in this Dunya.


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Originally our Islamic new year begins in Muharram but even then there is nothing to celebrate about it. In fact stepping into the new year means that we are one year closer to our death bed or maybe even on the same year when death is written in our fate.

Having new year resolutions is not wrong but you need to be mindful of your purpose in this Dunya. Have plans that revolve around becoming a better Muslim, doing more Ibad’ah and putting efforts to understand your Deen.

It’s okay if you take your new year as a new beginning but make it a beginning of becoming serious about Aakhirah because you never know when your time will be up.

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