From the heart

Eid Mubarak To My Readers

As much as this day brings happiness to each of our homes and heart, we cannot deny the grief that the innumerable deaths around the world have caused. Not just in my country Pakistan, but each part of the world, especially the Muslim countries were terribly hit by unfortunate events. So it is my request to you to please remember them and their families in your prayers today and the days to come.

As I mention the word ‘prayers’, I wish to remind you that Ramadan may be over but not your test. You are still in this Dunya and the Angels at your sides (Kiraman Katibeen) are still writing down your good and bad deeds. The Angels carry on shifting their position during Fajr and Asr to report Allah Ta’alah that if you were praying or not when they left. So nothing has stopped. Only Ramadan has gone by but your life is still going on. You are supposed to obey to the commands of Allah Ta’alah even right now. So please don’t forget to pray all your five daily prayers. Please don’t let the spirit of Ramadan die. Don’t let your efforts go in vain. You have spent many nights repenting for your sins so don’t start its collection all over again.

On a lighter note, enjoy the Eid delicacies. I would love to know what your first day of Eid is like. For me Eid day begins with the Fajr prayer of course, after which I do a bit of cleaning and arranging that is left from the day before. As a Surti Gujurati my breakfast comprises of Payaa (without which my breakfast seems incomplete), Andaa Murghi ka Salan (Egg and Chicken curry) and Shermaal and Naan (these two are a kind of bread) to eat with it. This is like my most awaited breakfast. After that there is a serving of Sheer Khorma (vermicelli) for each of us. Then  I joyfully have a cup of coffee. Mmmmm! This is utter delight because Alhamdulilah I stop drinking coffee during Ramadan in order to avoid intake of caffeine. In the afternoon we go to meet our relatives and that’s about it.

So this is all about my first day of Eid. I’d love to know about your Eid as well so don’t forget to share it below in the comments section.




From the heart

Today when you celebrate Eid…

Today when you celebrate Eid, remember me, I have no one to celebrate my Eid with anymore.

Today when you wear that new dress, remember me, I have nothing to wear except for rags.

Today when you eat that delicious sweet, remember me, all I have is this leftover food given to me by a stranger.

Today when you hug your parents, remember me, I lost mine in a civil war.

Today when you wear that brand new shoes, remember me, I have been wearing this one for the past three years.

Today when you meet your relatives, remember me, they died in the Gaza attack.

Today when you go to pray, remember me, there is a terror in my heart that I might be killed this very minute.

Today when you kiss your child, remember me, I kiss his little shoes every day, covered with brown and dried blood.

Today when you apply henna, remember me, I have no hands to apply them on.

Today when you laugh and smile, remember me, I can’t find mine with all this layers of hardships.

Today when you celebrate Eid, remember me, and pray for my wellbeing too.

(Dedicated to all my Muslim sisters and brothers facing any kind of hardship. My prayers are with you, may Allah bless you all with utter happiness)

From the heart

Eid Greetings to All the Muslims Around the World!

My eyes open wide as the morning breeze whispers into my ear, ‘Wake up and enjoy the fruit of your patience today for Allah has made this day a gift for its believers after a tough examination.’

The melodious sound of the Fajr Adhaan sounds even more beautiful today. As I sit down to make Dua after the prayer, the fragrance of the mehndi on my hands fills me with more excitement. I can feel coolness in the air today. Like there is peace there is calm. Today is one day when people have no grudges against each other. The long lost relations make an effort to meet today. The busy friends make a move and send you Eid wishes. And the whole family is together to celebrate this beautiful religious occasion.

The yummilicious taste of the Sheer Khorma followed by the other delicious feasts for breakfast makes me crave to eat more and more. Everything seems so light and cheerful today. I don’t feel like getting frustrated today on anything or anyone. I just want to smile and take things as they happen. This is the power of the Eid day. It makes even the toughest of the hearts to melt.

As I dress up, finally getting to wear all that I was collecting since the past one month. The sound of my bangles clinking together as my hands work around boosts me with another dose of excitement. I just want to hug everyone today. I want to come out clean. Forget the mistakes and forgive the loved ones. In some cases, even one day would be enough.

Getting to meet your relatives on the day of Eid is another fantastic part since there is so much love and affection in the air. We forget our differences and just want to spend some quality time together. The little kids roam around their elders in greed of gifts. The cute little devils day is made by just those gifts and nothing else matters to them.

This sweet and loveable Eid comes twice in a year, so let us make the most of it and meet our long lost friends and relatives. And also, let us not forget the blessings we have this Eid since many people around don’t get to wear new stuffs even on an occasion like this one.