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Unsuccessful and Happiness! Can They Exist Together?

Unsuccessful and happiness, can they exist together? If we are going to rely on the society for the answer it will be a ‘No.’ But let me tell you, never rely on the society to define your success and the terms and conditions of your happiness because people’s idea of success and happiness is built from their perspective and from what they have been blessed in the journey of life. So your and someone else’s blessings are never going to be exactly same, in fact at times they will be totally opposite so how can we follow a plan of success and happiness that everyone else is following.

You Define Your Own Happiness

The few months that I had spent working in an orphanage taught me that happiness is a choice. Their beaming faces showed me that if they can be happy without a proper family and without the many luxuries of life then I too can. It was that turning point in my life when I decided that I will make happiness my choice and not some state that can be only achieved when I achieve a certain criteria in my life. That was the day I redefined happiness for my sake. For me happiness was then about being able to spend a quality time with my parents, getting to work in the field I was passionate about and was able to submit my university assignments in a timely manner. The criteria I had set were according to what I was doing then. Since I have graduated now, happiness for me is having a lot of free time on my hands so I get to focus on my hobbies. The money in my bank account is close to nothing right now but even then I am happy because for me money isn’t a criterion for my happiness. But let us just say that I do get a lot of money in my bank account, then that too will become a source for my happiness but not a source of sadness when it declines again. Putting it in a simpler way, our happiness depends on how grateful we are with what we already have and not what we are yet to have or desire to have.

Though I do agree that sometimes sadness or depressed feelings are inevitable since we are human beings and it is this sadness that helps us to think clearly at times. But your goal should always be to break this circle of depressive thoughts and focus on the blessings you have.

You Also Define Your Own Success

Just like happiness, success should also be defined by you only. The world will tell you that success is when you have a lot of money, when you are famous, or at a high position in your career or someone who is doing a lot in life. But I say that even a housewife who is happily cooking meals for her family, looking after her children and husband and is constantly trying hard to give comfort to others is success. A father, who may not be earning a lot of money, but each day he comes home and does things for his children and wife that brings a smile on their faces is once again success. Or let us take the example of a child who may not be able to do well at school but is a well-mannered child at home is yet again success. So you will never be unsuccessful if you define success for yourself.

happiness and success quote

You may be unsuccessful for the world but you can still be happy because it is you who should be defining your criteria for success and happiness. Hence unsuccessful and happiness can exist together.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About My Book

Several of my readers had few questions regarding my book so I thought why not do a blog post which might even give others an idea.

Name of the book

Reflections From Life: A Muslim’s Guide To Inspiration

Purpose behind writing this book

The idea behind writing this book was to inspire people, especially Muslims to live optimistically. I observed that a lot of Muslims, particularly Asian Muslims end up whining about every little misfortune in their lives. Even when things are going well the focus is always on the negative. Some of my own friends keep crying about their situation with no will to change their mindset about life which leads to more misery.

My source of inspiration

My life, the incidents that took place in my life, the stories I learnt about other peoples’ lives and my psychologist profession.

Who should read this book?

Anyone who wants/needs inspiration to live their life positively with hopeful thoughts.

What to expect from Reflections From Life: A Muslim’s Guide To Inspiration?

It is packed with honest tales from my life that led me to develop this positive perspective. It consists of well researched topics with mentioning of various scientific studies. It is concise and effective and can be read by those who have a busy schedule.

What to not expect from Reflections From Life: A Muslim’s Guide To Inspiration?

It is not an Islamic preaching book because I am no scholar.

When will the book be available?

20th February 2018

Where can you purchase it from?

It will be released on Amazon so will be available there for purchase. However, for my readers located in Pakistan I am trying to arrange another option. Follow my Facebook page for more updates.

How to remain updated about the book?

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Jazakallah khairun kaseerun

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The Ultimate Signature

As a writer, each time I write something thought provoking I have a knack of signing underneath it claiming it as my piece. Each time I upload a picture of an inspiring sentence I have written on Facebook or Instagram, I make sure I watermark it with my name. Moving on to anyone else I am sure you too would have loved to mark your possessions with your name or signature.

Another example is that of the artist, designers, architects, who makes sure that their works are recognized by their names. They have a certain style of construct that they use when creating art. It is human nature. We love to be appreciated. We love when people talk ‘look at that extravagant piece made by so and so,’ and we love to get attention from people for our work. We are fascinated by fame and we feel delighted.

release date twitter

But these buildings, malls, parks, paintings and sculptures are all made by human beings hence it is easier to know who is behind these beauties. But look around and observe the nature. Do you find a signature therein? Can you recognize the creator of such picturesque scenarios? Do you ever stop to wonder how are they functioning on their own? Perhaps we can take the example of an automatic machine which starts working on its own with a single touch of a button and stops working when someone switches it off. Despite the fact that it operates on its own it still requires an intervention to know when to begin and when to stop. Even the most high-tech automated machines need some form of stimuli to begin their process and end it. So is the case with nature.

Also, the machine never came into existence on its own, it required to be manufactured and not just by anyone but an expert in the field of machines. So my point is, if that single machine can’t create itself then how can nature and this whole universe come into existence on its own without an expert creator. How can we miss the ultimate signature?

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My Book’s Launch Date!

Assalam u alaikum Readers!

Final cover designI am glad to announce the release date of my book, Reflections From Life: A Muslim’s Guide To Inspiration which will be coming out on 20th February 2018, Insha Allah.

More details regarding the book will be coming up soon. For now you can follow the book’s Facebook page.

If you have any questions regarding the book, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

Jazakillah Khairun Kaseerun

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How I Make My Adult Colouring Time Beneficial?

Before adult colouring books were introduced I used to colour with my nieces and nephew in their colouring books. But having to colour within large areas wasn’t quite satisfying. As adults we like having smaller areas to focus on at a time.

After getting my hands on an adult colouring book I was elated. But simply spending time colouring inside the intricate patterns made me feel guilty. I felt like I was wasting my time just filling patterns with colours rather than doing something productive. That was when I came up with a strategy to make my time spent in colouring blissful. I started doing zikr Allah while colouring. So an hour spent in colouring was now spent as an Ibad’ah.

I started assigning various patterns to different Quranic du’as. For instance, in the picture below I assigned a du’a to the tree trunks, leaves, to the mushrooms and to the weeds.

adult colouring books 2

Apart from that you can even listen to Quranic recitations while colouring.

All in all, I find this method beneficial for myself and it is one of my de-stressing tools. If you find this method beneficial do try it and let me know what you think.

Jazakillah khairun kaseerun

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Do Not Let a Muslim Celebrity Be Your Muslim Leader

These days we never stop to follow what our favourite celebrities are doing. We are always on a lookout as to what they are up to. In the recent years, several Muslim personalities have emerged and it is making us go wild at all the unique things they are up to.

We have become so keen in following these Muslim celebrities that we have actually forgotten the difference between a Muslim leader and a Muslim celebrity. I see people being inspired by them and considering even the Haram acts as part of Islam just because these famous personalities have a tag of “Muslim.”

My dear Muslim brothers and sisters, please do not follow them blindly. Any Muslim writing statuses related to Islam cannot be your Muslim leader. Know that in order for someone to be able to rightly guide you they need to have a sound knowledge of Islam. Just think, would you ever ask a teacher about medications you could take for your sickness? Of course not, because you know that medications can only be prescribed by a doctor. So how can you take Islamic advice from Muslim celebrities who are yet to understand the right and wrong in Islam?

I am in no way trying to devalue Muslim celebrities. All I want is that my Muslim brothers and sisters should not go astray because someone claims to be pious at times and then get into all sorts of Haram acts at other times. You need to be careful about where you are getting your Deen from. You shouldn’t accept Islamic advice without finding the source it is coming from. You are not an animal who will follow a herd. Alhumdulilah, Allah has created you a human so use your senses for all the right reasons.

I hope my words really do bring change in your life. If you agree to what I have said do share my article with your friends and family.

Jazakillah Khairun Kaseerun

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Do We Always Need a Spark in Our Lives?

Ever since we start reading fairy tales in our childhood we start believing that our lives too should be magical. Especially girls are made to believe that happiness only exists in magical and special moments. Hence all our lives we wait for a spark to bring us joy.

When we are young, especially during our teen and young adult years, we wait for special occassions and events because that gives us a feeling of rush in the moment. We want our lives to be hot and happening. I still remember how crazily excited I was for my graduation lunch and then the parties that came during the school and college years. But as I have grown to be a woman I no more wait for that spark. I still of course love special moments and occassions but now I don’t anticipate for them. If they happen, I make the most of it if not then I simply love my quiet and serene life.


One more thing that usually happens when we wait for a spark is that we stop living in the moment. We start living in our future with a bunch of expectations. When those expectations are not met, it leaves us feeling sad and depressed. Think of a time when you were worrying about your tomorrow so much that you had stopped living in that moment and what did you felt when that moment was over? I remember doing that a lot of times and I have truly regretted those moments.

I would just like to conclude by saying that more than anything, be grateful for a healthy and a peaceful life. You might not always need a rush of excitement but you will surely need a heart that is at peace and if that’s what you are in, then just thank your Creator.

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Don’t Lose Yourself In The Race

We are all working hard to earn a handsome salary, to become famous and to be best in whatever we do. But don’t you think we are losing ourselves in this so called made up race to reach the top. Instead of living in the moment we are engrossed in planning our future and worrying about it.

In a class of 52 students every one of them are striving and struggling to be someone, to do something and to make a difference in the world. We are all competing from one another but exactly where we all want to go is not what everyone is sure of.

I am also one of those who usually get caught up in this race. Days pass when I don’t sleep or eat well. I forget to stop worrying about the tasks I am supposed to get done with thus failing to spend a peaceful moment. As opportunities come my way I get more and more involved in planning out my future. But then there comes a point when I take a long pause and think about really where all this is leading to.


I am not saying that we shouldn’t work hard to get to where we want to go but what I would like to add to it is that, along with putting efforts to become successful we should also work on improving our character, our personality and us as a complete person. Personal development is more important than earning more money and fame. People may like you for your skills, fame and money but that never goes a long way but if you are a good human being you are sure to find the company of those people who are good to you and that is the best asset one could ever have.

In addition to all that, I believe you can never be the best in this world. There will always be someone better than you. So work hard, do your best but don’t forget to give time to the people who cherish your company and who are willing to put their tasks aside to spend some quality time with you.