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What People Have To Say About Me Being A Quiet Person…

I enjoy talking but with those people with whom I can relate. I am usually hungry for intellectual talks which can help me increase my knowledge. People who mostly have tons of gossip or boost about materialistic goods don’t fascinate me. I’d rather be alone than spend time with people whose sole purpose is to gossip. This ideally means that I don’t interact much with every person I meet and it is always funny to hear what people have to say about me.

  • They think I am arrogant because I remain serious among strangers but they don’t understand that this is my nature.
  • I am considered to be a jealous person because I don’t inquire much about their life. But this is just because I don’t ask about things that have no concern for me. I would never ask a friend what her husband does as a living because that won’t benefit me. I will however be interested to know what my friend wishes to do in her life so I could assist her in some way.
  • People think that I am not confident enough to speak but they don’t know that I have confidently presented in class presentations and have conducted group counselling sessions and workshops at different places.
  • I am judged as a rude person but sometimes I just want to remain quiet.

Why I enjoy being a quiet person at times?

Sometimes I just want to be a spectator to different situations and this in turn also helps me to writer better. I get to understand a situation without being in it and that allows me to see every ones perspective. I enjoy listening to what other people have to say and I can be a good listener if I want to be. I like reflecting on situations and being quiet means I get to think thoroughly about a situation.

Another reason why I am quiet is because I don’t enjoy speaking at the top of my lungs. If I am a gathering where I will have to raise my voice to speak to everyone than I prefer being quiet. I get tired too easily if I speak loudly for long durations. Lastly, I cherish the people close to me and there are few of those. I don’t find it comfortable opening up to everyone and that is why I am mostly listening than talking. But if you find me sitting with my favourite people you will surely judge me as a talkative person.

So this was about me. What about you? Are you an introvert or an extravert? What judgements do you have to hear for being any of those? Share it in the comments section. Let’s make this blog post more interesting.

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The Other Side

Frustrated, she entered her room and banged the door loudly. Hitting a fist at the wall she shouted at the top of her lungs,

“Why me? Why? What have I done wrong to be treated this way?” Her cheeks had turned red and her whole body was burning with anger. She looked around her room with wild and big eyes, scanning around to throw across something harmless.

Suddenly her phone started to ring loudly. She reached for it in her jeans pocket and looking at the screen, she was bewildered to see the name before her eyes. Raising her hand up, she threw the cell phone hardly into the front wall. It flew and hit straight into the wall breaking into pieces. The ringing stopped.

She moved towards the mirror and looking at herself with sympathy, she broke down crying.

“Why is everyone so harsh with me? Do they think me to be abnormal? Why can’t I fit easily among them?” tears streamed down her cheeks,” Why does the society punish me for being an introvert? Is it such a big crime?”

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