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Everything You Wanted To Know About My Book

Several of my readers had few questions regarding my book so I thought why not do a blog post which might even give others an idea.

Name of the book

Reflections From Life: A Muslim’s Guide To Inspiration

Purpose behind writing this book

The idea behind writing this book was to inspire people, especially Muslims to live optimistically. I observed that a lot of Muslims, particularly Asian Muslims end up whining about every little misfortune in their lives. Even when things are going well the focus is always on the negative. Some of my own friends keep crying about their situation with no will to change their mindset about life which leads to more misery.

My source of inspiration

My life, the incidents that took place in my life, the stories I learnt about other peoples’ lives and my psychologist profession.

Who should read this book?

Anyone who wants/needs inspiration to live their life positively with hopeful thoughts.

What to expect from Reflections From Life: A Muslim’s Guide To Inspiration?

It is packed with honest tales from my life that led me to develop this positive perspective. It consists of well researched topics with mentioning of various scientific studies. It is concise and effective and can be read by those who have a busy schedule.

What to not expect from Reflections From Life: A Muslim’s Guide To Inspiration?

It is not an Islamic preaching book because I am no scholar.

When will the book be available?

20th February 2018

Where can you purchase it from?

It will be released on Amazon so will be available there for purchase. However, for my readers located in Pakistan I am trying to arrange another option. Follow my Facebook page for more updates.

How to remain updated about the book?

Like my book’s Facebook page:

Jazakallah khairun kaseerun

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My Book’s Launch Date!

Assalam u alaikum Readers!

Final cover designI am glad to announce the release date of my book, Reflections From Life: A Muslim’s Guide To Inspiration which will be coming out on 20th February 2018, Insha Allah.

More details regarding the book will be coming up soon. For now you can follow the book’s Facebook page.

If you have any questions regarding the book, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

Jazakillah Khairun Kaseerun

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From the heart

Jumping Castle

Last week at the park, looking at my niece enjoying herself inside the jumping castle I was reminded about my childhood. She was completely enthralled in there, laughing and jumping. I too used to spend hours inside the jumping castle. It felt like a different world. Once inside I always anticipated remaining in there forever no matter how much my parents demanded me to come out.

I jumped and jumped bouncing back again each time I came to the initial level. Then I was pushed back higher into the air never dreading about getting injured when I dropped back to the start level. I had no fear of reaching the height because I was confident that I will remain safe no matter how far I went.

Just at that very moment I got myself into thinking that life must have been easier if it too followed the concept of a jumping castle. No matter how much ahead we went, coming back to square zero wouldn’t have been so painful. And then, each time we strived again to move forward, life would push us further ahead like a rocket launcher sending its rocket high up into the air.

Well, life really can’t imitate a jumping castle but our positive thoughts could seriously make it work like one. Let us not think about the failures, the losses, the grief, the betrayal, the hurt or the negative consequences. Let us just keep faith in ourselves, in our ability; in our life and most importantly, in Allah, that whatever will happen, it will be for the good. Falling back is a part of life, but remaining strong and not letting ourselves get hurt is all up to us.

“Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game!” – Babe Ruth