From the heart

Want To Go Back!

Tears in my eyes, and my heart and mind choruses, ‘I want to go back.’ There is nothing that I hate about this place but even then it doesn’t at all feels like home. The home where I grew up, where I was nurtured, that is the place which depicts my personality.

Tears roll down my cheeks, on and on. Today nothing could make me feel better, no coffee, no chocolate, no hangout, no feast, no friends and no love. I see nothing around but only that I want to go back. I miss the people there I met, the places where I went and the home where I lived, which now sadly belongs to someone else. I don’t know for how long will I keep feeling this way?  But whatever it is, I cannot help these feelings.

I want to escape, run as fast as I can, not care about what others would say but I just want to go back! I am crying silently, facing away from people, afraid to let anyone know about it. The reason for this silent cry may seem silly but I want to back!

Two and a half years and still not used to this place. Everyone says that, ‘this is my homeland’ but I say, ‘that was where I felt home’. So alienated I feel here, like a stranger in a family whom no one recognizes and accepts.

A new ray of hope comes. I dry my tears and say to myself, ‘I will go back In sha Allah!’ I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but I do know whenever my Allah Wills it to be the right time.